The Captain

A sailor and his whiskey! We've brought the iconic pair together in this handsome ring. Select from African or historic battleship teak as well as your favorite whiskey brand and make this ring truly your own.


  • Lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic titanium
  • Teak (historic battleship teak available)
  • Weathered whiskey barrel wood (your choice)
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Teak Option

Whiskey Barrel Option

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Because each ring is made by hand just for you, please allow 6 WEEKS for the ring to be created. You will receive a shipping notification once your ring has shipped. Thanks!

If this ring is for a wedding, please ensure your date includes adequate time for shipping as well as resizing if needed.

The Story Behind the Ring

Teak Wood Inlay

Whether you select our African teak wood or teak from a historic battleship such as the USS North Carolina or the USS New Jersey, you're getting a ring that will weather the storm.

Note: All teak can vary in color from an brownish-orange to a deep brown. The battleship teak wood tends to be a darker brown than the African teak but each piece is unique.

Weathered Whiskey Barrel Inlays

Celebrate the spirit of your choice by selecting your favorite whiskey brand. We use authentic whiskey barrels once used by the respective brand in our rings. The white oak is put through a natural process that turns the wood a deep black. It reminds us of the charred inside of a whiskey barrel.

Note: All of our weathered whiskey barrel woods have the same deep black color.

Titanium Wedding Band

Titanium! The awesomest alloy! The incredible metal! We love titanium because it's light weight yet very durable. It has a warm feel compared to other metals and can take on a number of different shades depending on the finish.

We crafted our titanium bands as an ode to the old Airstream trailers and the silver airplanes from the 1930s and 40s. Your ring is guaranteed to have a classy look that spans generations!

Moments with this Ring