USS New Jersey Teak Wood Wedding Ring with Bloodwood

$ 545.00

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The Story 

Launched on December 7th, 1942 -- exactly one year after the bombing of Pearl Harbor -- the famed USS New Jersey battleship would go on to serve in WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, and kept watch during the Cold War era. After serving 21 years of active duty (49 years in total), she was finally decommissioned in 1991.

She holds the distinction of being the most decorated battleship in US history!

Each Ring is Handcrafted in North Carolina

It's our honor to play a small role in the new "Made in USA" movement that is taking place across the nation and to do so by sharing part in our American heritage. Each ring purchased represents a tangible piece of American history and keeps the stories of heroism and honor alive and well.


Historic Teak Wood

The outside of this ring is made from the original teak decking of the USS New Jersey battleship. The same wood walked upon, fought upon, and stood upon by US sailors of many generations.


We wanted to honor the history of this grand vessel and the many men who served over the years by using a bloodwood liner. Though the USS New Jersey had relatively few casualties during her years of service, all who served gave their time and lives in the service of freedom. We also feel that these historic woods represent the effort of all our men and women who served to protect the liberties we hold dear.

Note: We make an alternate version of this ring with your favorite whiskey barrel as the lining as well. See that ring here.

Offset Metal Inlay (Pictured with Yellow Gold)

We added a touch of class to this ring by adding an offset metal inlay. We chose yellow gold for the rings you see pictured, but these rings look great with any metal you choose.

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