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Triple inlay custom ring with weathered whiskey barrel primary wood, a customer provided liner and center inlay, and dual bronze inlays.

Custom edge ring with weathered maple primary wood, rosewood liner, offset white gold and a natural whiskey barrel edge.

A simple but handsome offset inlay ring with rosewood and copper.

Look at this Triple inlay ring with a weathered whiskey barrel primary wood, weathered maple liner, center inlay of customer provided coffee and dual silver inlays.

This Triple Inlay custom ring sure tells a story! Antique tobacco barn wood and a center inlay of dried tobacco leaves paired with dual white gold!

A study in simple contrasts, this triple inlay custom ring features rosewood as the primary wood, and antique walnut as the liner and center inlay. Dual rose gold inlays tie it all together.

This Purpleheart and Holly Liner looks great with the Offset silver inlay.

We love how the weathered maple liner contrasts with the M1 Garand walnut wood on the outside. Pair with a tartan and dual yellow gold inlays, this is one dapper ring filled with history and meaning.

The customer provided the wood and the sand for this ring. We love how the sand edge has a grey-blue hue to it. It's paired with an offset silver inlay.

This ring has a great monochromatic theme going on. It's a triple inlay design with weathered maple as the primary wood, a holly liner, and an elk antler center with dual rose gold inlays.

Rosewood and purpleheart go so well together in this triple inlay design. The rose gold inlays help bring it together quite nicely.

What a great combination! This triple inlay design uses antique walnut as the primary wood and lapis lazuli as the center inlay. Dual yellow gold inlays certainly take it up a notch!