Featured Friends

We have been blessed to work some truly talented individuals and love seeing the passion they put in their work. These are some of our friends we've been thrilled to feature their work on our website.

Seth Snider Photography 

"I never knew how much my heart could be expressed through an image and consider it such a high honor to capture the hearts and minds of individuals" - Seth Snider

Homegrown in NC, Seth is a full time portrait photographer, musician, and lover of the arts. He is also a husband who dearly loves his creative and timelessly stunning wife, Kate Snider.

He started his company 12 years ago and fall more in love everyday with the endless freedom and possibilities a camera can offer. 

His wife and he were just married close to 3 years ago after being long distance for 2 years. We recently moved back here from Napa, CA and are both excited about life and work here! 

His office/studio is located in Davidson.  Check out his website here

"Everyone is beautiful and my pursuit is creating and capturing images of that say more than the image itself."