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Press - Rustic & Main

We've had the incredible opportunity to be featured in a number of outstanding publications. Our unique wood and antler rings, mixed with historic and symbolic materials make for quite the conversation piece. If you would like to feature our rings in your magazine or blog, contact me (Mike Yarbrough) and I'll be glad to assist!

OneUpped Magazine Review

oneupped magazine rustic and main review

OneUpped magazine was one of the first to do a review of our classic wooden rings. The pictures they took really bring the ring front and center, and make them as big a part of a man's style as denim and leather boots.

Read the review here!

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QC Exclusive Feature

QC Exclusive is Charlotte's quintessential magazine, covering makers, fashion, food, and culture in and around the Charlotte and Piedmont area. They have always had an eye for quality and uniquely Southern elements and featured us in their October 2016 (Volume 5, No. 7) issue.

Here's a bit from the article:

"It is Mike's unyielding respect for antiquity and craftsmanship that unearthed his ring-making endeavor, Rustic and Main."

qc exclusive rustic and main

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