In the Press

We've had the incredible opportunity to be featured in a number of outstanding publications. Our unique wood and antler rings, mixed with historic and symbolic materials help tell your story and make a great conversation piece.

Vogue UK 
April 2020 

We were honored to be featured in Vogue UK's wedding-centric issue. We had the opportunity to show off our tartan rings alongside some amazing brands. Thanks Vogue!

Podcast Cover From the Ken Coleman Show

The Ken Coleman Show 
August 2019 

Mike had a really cool visit to the Ramsey Solutions Center near Nashville and spent some time  in the studio with Ken Coleman. Ken hosts the EntreLeadership and Ken Coleman Show podcasts.

QC Exclusive Feature

QC Exclusive Feature 
October 2016

 Mike Yarbrough's reclaimed wooden rings for men and women are brimming with artistry and made with history. Check out our feature on page 62-65 in QC Exclusive - October 2016 edition.

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Photograph of Founder Mike Yarbrough

We love a good shout out!
If you are interested in featuring Rustic & Main, our rings, or our founders in your publication, contact Mike Yarbrough.
He'll be happy to assist!