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Beard Oil - Blackbeard: Rum-ish, Warm, & Spicey

"Come, let us make a hell of our own, and try how long we can bear it." - Edward Teach (aka, Blackbeard the Pirate)

Blackbeard: The Legend Behind our Beard Oil

Blackbeard the pirate was a fearsome figure to behold. Before battle, his deep, black beard was woven with hemp and set on fire. When he would invade a ship, billowing smoke and ciders, reports say he "looked like the devil himself". In this way he created a name for himself and often only had to fly his flag to seize a vessel.

Read about what makes our beard oil better, here.

The Scent: Rumtastic and Spicey

Taking care of your beard should be an experience you look forward to, not a chore. Our beard oil is light, quickly absorbed (never greasy), with a touch of scent that is just right for when your lady is close by.

The character notes in the Blackbeard-inspired beard oil hearken to the spices and drink of his time: rum with a slight vanilla and middle notes of tobacco and clove.

Bottle Art and Never-Spill Design

We believe art should be evident in every thing that touches another person. It's the gentleman in us. We used the classic engraving of Blackbeard which shows his beard woven like fuses, ready for battle.

The amber bottle is reminiscent of the old apothecary bottles, and is not only handsome, but keeps the sun out, necessary to maintain essential oil quality.

Spilling your beard oil sucks

We've tried a number of beard oils over the years and have learned some lessons the hard way, such as: Knocking over your beard oil, spilling it on the counter, then trying to get it back into the bottle while not also raking in hairs and toothpaste is a poor start to a day. So we included a device in the opening of our beard oils to prevent spilling. Feel free to try it out.

Do I need beard oil for my beard?

Aye. Buy it. Jus' kiddin'. As yer beard grows it pulls oils away from yer face, 'n yer face can only supply so much oil. T' keep yer beard soft 'n healthy, 'n t' keep yer skin lookin' nice 'n free from "beardruff" (beard dandruff) beard oil be key.

How long does a bottle typically last?

Assumin' two drops a day, which be typically enough fer a medium beard, a bottle should last about 2 months. Ideally, beard oil would be applied anytime aft th' beard has been washed.

Will beard oil help me grow a thicker beard?

Perhaps, but prolly nah. Genes, diet, 'n o'erall health are goin' t' be th' main factors in beard growth. However, well hydrated beard hairs are both thicker 'n richer in appearance. So, while beard oil won't plant new follicles, it can help maximize wha' ye 'ave.

Are there any allergy considerations I should be concerned about?

We always recommend trying any new beard care product out on a small area of skin first, just to be safe. Argan oil comes from a nut and there are various essential oils in our recipes as well. So, while we can't think of anything specific, play it safe and test first.

Have other questions? Check out our Beard Oil FAQ, here.

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