(In Stock) Scots-Irish Tartan Ring - Rosewood with Irish National Tartan & Dual Yellow Gold Inlays Size 8.25/9mm

The Story

Note: This ring has yellow gold inlays, not rose gold like the ring pictured.

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Scottish/Irish Heritage Tartan Ring 

We love rings with a story and we want you to connect with something meaningful. In a world that is so steeped in the virtual, family roots and heritage have been more and more important. They help keep us grounded.

The Tartan patterns for Scottish and Irish clans hails back centuries, to a time of kings and queens, and warriors and clans. Proud Scots and Irish all over the world still connect with their ancestors of yore. As RL Stevenson says,

"For that is the mark of the Scot of all classes . . . there burns alive in him a sense of identity with the dead, even to the twentieth generation."

We knew this would be a difficult but incredibly meaningful ring design, and we're so happy to finally bring it to you. 

The Tartan Patterns of Your Ancestors 

We wanted to be as flexible as possible in the tartan patterns available, so we've connected with a company in Scotland that makes a pattern for nearly every clan there is.

Flower of Scotland Tartan

flower of scotland tartan pattern

Created as a tribute to Roy Williamson, writer of the Scottish National son "The Flower of Scotland", this tartan pattern is applicable to all Scots as it is not associated with a particular clan.

The design is based on the setting and thread count of the Gunn tartan, as worn by Roy Williamson, using the traditional 18th-century colors of Lichen Green and Lochan Blue.*

Irish National Tartan

irish national tartan pattern

Conceived and designed by Polly Wittering of House of Edgar, this tartan pattern pays tribute to the Irish and their proud heritage.*

Dual Gold Inlays

Note: This ring has yellow gold inlays, not rose gold like the ring pictured.

We've tested this design with rose, white, and yellow gold and have determined that you can't go wrong with any of these.

    Each Ring is Handcrafted in North Carolina

    As a small business owner and craftsman, it is my honor to play a small role in the new "Made in USA" movement that is taking place across the nation and to do so by sharing part in our American heritage.

    * Information gathered from the Scottish Register of Tartans