(In- Stock) M1 Garand w/Purple Heart Liner, Custom Fabric, and Dual Rose Gold Size 10/7mm

The Story

M1 Garand Rifle Stock c. WWII 

The preferred US rifle of WWII. We crafted this ring out of an authentic WWII era M1 Garand Rifle Stock. The M1 Garand served as the rifle for the Greatest Generation, and is more than a symbol of the fighting spirit that lives on.

Purple Heart Wood Liner 

The Purple Heart medal is awarded to those brave soldiers who have been wounded or killed in combat, and traces its origins back to General George Washington and his Continental Army. It was, therefore, only fitting for us to include purple heart wood as the main theme and unique character of this ring. Purple heart wood is not dyed, but is naturally a deep, rich purple hue which intensifies over time.

Center Custom Fabric and Dual Gold Inlays

The dark fabric center creates a wonderful contrast to the wood. The rose gold inlays tie the elements together and add a touch of class.

This is a true American Joe's ring, perfect for the history buff and sentimentalist.


I am proud to craft each ring by hand in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is my honor to play a small role in the new "Made in USA" movement that is taking place across the nation and to do so by sharing part in our American heritage.