(In-Stock) Pink Ivory w/Elk and Double Rose Gold - Size 7.5/7 mm Wide

The Story

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Pink Ivory Wood 

Once considered more rare than diamonds, pink ivory wood was treasured by the kings and queens of old. The tree itself takes hundreds of years to grow large enough to create even a small bowl, so the wood can only be harvested by a select few. We are fortunate to have some reclaimed African pink ivory.

Colorado Elk

The elk antler in this wedding band is sourced from natural sheds of Colorado Bull Elk. While I'm a fan of hunting and get out a few times during the season, I like the thought of these rings being connected with a grand creature still roaming that beautiful country.

Just like wood, each antler has unique characteristics that make every ring one of a kind. Some of our elk antler inlays will have a bit more color to them, while others are quite white. We try our best to find a good balance when crafting each ring by hand.

Dual Gold Inlays

The gold works to ease the contrast from the elk antler to the pink ivory wood, and adds a touch of class to this ring. If you're looking for a particular color of gold, we can certainly accommodate. Just select your preference on this page.

Each Ring is Handcrafted in North Carolina

As a small business owner and craftsman, it is my honor to play a small role in the new "Made in USA" movement that is taking place across the nation and to do so by sharing part in our American heritage.