(In Stock) Custom Rosewood & Yellow Gold w/ Coffee & Zebrawood Edges Size 6.5/5.5mm

The Story

This custom ring is unique and fascinating.


Our Indian Rosewood has this wonderful dark, chocolaty appearance, with some tones of deep red as well.  The center yellow gold inlay adds a touch of sophistication to this ring.


Though we can enjoy coffee in an endless stream today, this has not always been the case. Coffee rationing in WWII began in 1942 - families could only get one pound every five weeks - and the rationing didn't end until 1946. There were a few reasons for this. Firstly, the GI's needed coffee in the field. Secondly, German U-boats were sinking boats with coffee shipments from Brazil making coffee hard to get.

Rationed coffee was packaged in glass containers, which were not only reusable, but also saved precious tin resources for the troops. That this coffee could be purchased in a can was a sign that the war had ended.

For us, the idea of an unopened can of coffee sitting in the back of someone's pantry for so many years is a reminder of the frugality of that great generation which was permanently impressed upon them during the war.

The coffee edge and zebra wood edge make this ring a point of interest!


All of our rings are crafted by hand, right here in the US. We love being part of the movement to keep artistry and handcrafted goods alive and well.