(In-Stock) The Moonstone |Men's Moonstone and Titanium Wedding Band - Size 7 | 6mm Wide

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If this ring is for a wedding, please ensure your date includes adequate time for shipping as well as resizing if needed.

Shipping Time

This ring will be made to order just for you! We will ship this ring within 6 weeks of your order being placed.

Like this ring but need it in a different size? Shop The Moonstone ring and let our skilled artisans craft the perfect moonstone & titanium band for you.

Introducing The Moonstone, a titanium wedding band adorned with a mesmerizing inlay of Moonstone. Crafted for the discerning individual who embraces celestial beauty and seeks a touch of ethereal charm. The Moonstone ring, perfect for the man or woman who desires a symbol of their unique connection to the cosmos.

The Moonstone Titanium Wedding Band Features:

  • Lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic titanium ring
  • A center ring inlay of Moonstone with silver foil
  • Finish: Polished Black Titanium
  • Fit: Comfort
  • Size: 7
  • Width: 6mm
  • Handcrafted in North Carolina, USA
  • ​​All Rustic & Main rings are handmade by passionate and skilled artisans
  • Like this ring but need it in a different size? Shop this style in our made-to-order ring: The Moonstone
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The Story Behind the Ring

Moonstone Inlay

Moonstone, a gem imbued with an ethereal glow, resonates deeply with the mysterious beauty of the lunar sphere. This captivating gemstone, famous for its adularescence - a unique light that appears to billow across the gem, creates a stunning effect reminiscent of moonlight dancing upon water. The lore of moonstone spans numerous cultures, often symbolizing intuition, dreams, and the cycles of life and time. In ancient times, people believed that it held the image of the moon, giving it properties of tranquility, calmness, and balance. Its captivating luminescence and profound symbolic connections create a gemstone steeped in mystery and allure.

Titanium Wedding Band

Titanium! The awesomest alloy! The incredible metal! We love titanium because it's lightweight yet very durable. It has a warm feel compared to other metals and can take on a number of different shades depending on the finish.

We crafted our titanium bands as an ode to the old Airstream trailers and the silver airplanes from the 1930s and 40s. Your ring is guaranteed to have a classy look that spans generations!

Each Ring is Handcrafted in North Carolina

We are proud to craft each ring by hand in Charlotte, North Carolina, and honored to play a small role in the "Made in USA" movement taking place across the nation and sharing a part in our American heritage.