(In Stock) Weathered Blanton's & Natural Blanton's Liner with Roses & Rose Gold Inlays Size 6.25/5.5mm

The Story


Roses, like no other flower, is powerful in it's meaning, particularly to those of us in the USA. We give roses on nearly every occasion, from dates to weddings, to celebrate a performance or to show our sympathy. No wonder the rose is our national flower.

We also love that roses are the flower for Mother's day, so we wanted to create a ring that was filled with significance and beauty, just like the mom's that bring life into this world.


Need we say more? Wow, this ring is a beauty! By adding a bit of gold flakes with the roses, we've created a subtle "something extra" that really makes this ring stand out. The dual rose gold inlays adds an extra touch of sophistication to this ring. 


Ancient as it may be, there is an undeniable refinement about whiskey and its production. Whiskey barrels come from hand-selected oak trees, usually from the white oak family, and are the primary means by which the flavor of the final spirit is achieved. The charred inside of a whiskey barrel acts to remove Sulphur while the wood sugars are caramelized and leech into the whiskey. Our weathered whiskey barrel wood is an ode to those smoky barrels which cure your favorite whiskey to maturity.

Weathering the wood is done via an old process, whereby the wood is dipped in water mixed with ferrous sulfate, the same stuff often used as a mineral supplement. You can read more about that process here. The mixture reacts to the tannins in the wood, turning them silver, gray, or dark gray, creating a permanent color change in the wood that is unique to each piece.


All of our rings are crafted by hand, right here in the US. We love being part of the movement to keep artistry and handcrafted goods alive and well.