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Limited Edition: American Bison, USS NC Teak, and Rose Gold Ring

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Because each ring is made by hand just for you, please allow 8-10 weeks for the ring to be created. You will receive a shipping notification once your ring has shipped. Thanks!

The Story

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Bison (American Buffalo) Liner

Bison, recently recognized as the official mammal of the United States, are awesome to behold and unique to North America. Oddly enough, it was during the westward expansion of the US that the bison were hunted to near extinction. Yet, this great beast still roams and has made a comeback as a symbol of strength and the America of old.

We've had several request to use bison as a liner (the inside) on our rings and they always turn our amazing. Finished bison horn has a nearly jet black appearance, with the occasional specks of brown or even opaque white. It's also a difficult item to obtain compared to some of our other materials, and a single bison horn may serve to create only 3 rings. That being said, we've decided to release the bison horn in this exclusive design with a limited run.

Teak from the USS North Carolina, WWII Battleship

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, they knew they had "awoken a sleeping giant," but they had no idea just how prepared this giant was for war. The USS North Carolina (BB-55) was built in 1940 and commissioned for service in April of 1941. She was the newest and fastest battleship which the US had ever created and would go on to lead every major naval offensive in WWII, earning 15 battle stars. Her wartime complement included 144 officers and 2,195 enlisted men of the finest generation America has ever known.

After her decommissioning in June of 1947 and subsequent restoration project years later, the Teak wood of her original decks were made available to the public in limited supply. We are very excited to offer a limited collection of rings from this story filled wood.

Offset Rose Gold Inlay

Part of the push for Manifest Destiny was the pursuit of riches by the common man. For the first time in history, the average man could set off in search of fortune. Tales of rivers running with gold, caverns lined with yellow gold pulled men westward by the thousands. We think gold is the perfect pairing of rustic and Main Street: The risk, the reward, the grit and gumption, paired with the classiness of gold.

This ring comes standard with an offset rose gold inlay, but we have white and yellow gold available as well. They all go well with this design. Just select your preference when placing the order.

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