Women's Antique Walnut Wedding Band with Turquoise, Holly & Dual Gold

One of our favorite designs! The antique walnut from a tobacco barn paired with sky blue turquoise from Arizona and dual metal inlays makes quite the looker. We've added a holly liner to soften the design.


  • Antique tobacco barn walnut wood from Asheville, NC
  • A center inlay of sky blue turquoise from Arizona
  • A beautiful holly liner
  • Dual metal inlays of your choosing
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The Story Behind the Ring

Asheville's Antique Walnut Wood

The antique walnut for this wood ring was hand picked from a collector in Asheville North Carolina. It originated in an old tobacco barn constructed in the late 1800s. It's over 100 years old based on the date of the barn, and the tree likely another 100 as well. 

When the settlers first came to the New World they forests untouched for centuries with a canopy of colossal trees as far as the eye could see. Much of that old growth is gone, which is sad, not only because we don't have the opportunity to see what our ancestors saw, but also because trees begin to exhibit different characteristics the older they get, and it shows in the wood. We feel fortunate to hold a piece of history, one that was alive and steady when the future of our nation was so uncertain.


Our sky blue turquoise is sourced from Arizona. We add in a bit of pyrite (fool's gold) because the two are often found together, and the little bits of gold give the turquoise a touch of sparkle.

The Purity of Holly

The holly tree has long been a symbol of peace and goodwill. It is the whitest wood available and so contrasts well with the walnut.

We really love the idea of wearing goodwill and peace along with the aged walnut which has such a long standing history (pun intended).

Dual Metal Inlays

The metal inlays work to ease the contrast from the turquoise to the rich, chocolate-brown of the walnut, and adds a touch of class to this ring.

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