Weathered Whiskey Barrel & Black Cherry Wood Wedding Ring with Offset Sterling Silver Inlay

$ 425.00

Due to the unique fit of our rings, we will send you a sizer within 7 days of placing your order to size you for our rings. Our normal size ranges are from 5-15, if you think you might be outside of those ranges please contact us before ordering.

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Because each ring is made by hand just for you, please allow 6 WEEKS for the ring to be created. You will receive a shipping notification once your ring has shipped. Thanks!

If this ring is for a wedding, please ensure your date includes adequate time for shipping as well as resizing if needed.

The Story

Weathered Whiskey Barrel Wood

Ancient as it may be, there is an undeniable refinement about whiskey and its production. Whiskey barrels come from hand-selected oak trees, usually from the white oak family, and are the primary means by which the flavor of the final spirit is achieved. The charred inside of a whiskey barrel acts to remove Sulphur while the wood sugars are caramelized and leech into the whiskey. Our weathered whiskey barrel wood rings are an ode to those smoky barrels which cure your favorite whiskey to maturity. We have several of the most well-known Tennessee whiskey barrel woods in stock, but if you have a favorite that isn’t listed here and have access to some barrel wood, we can probably make something custom! 

Weathering the wood is done via an old process, whereby the wood is dipped in water mixed with ferrous sulfate, the same stuff often used as a mineral supplement. You can read more about that process here. The mixture reacts to the tannins in the wood, turning them silver, gray, or dark gray, creating a permanent color change in the wood that is unique to each piece.

Black Cherry Wood

Our home sits on what used to be an orchard, and a few old trees still exist near us. The black cherry wood used in this ring comes from a 35+ foot tall black cherry tree that came down in our backyard. It was cut it in lengths of about 6 feet, sealed the ends with wax, and let it cure for over a year. Afterwards, we split the logs into quarters and let them dry in our shed. We have had a lot of good use from that old cherry tree and now its wood makes its way into these rings.

Black cherry provides an excellent contrast in color to the smoky gray whiskey barrel wood, which is why we have decided to use it in this design.

Sterling Silver

We wanted to make this wood ring pop! The silver adds a touch of class to the ring and contrasts so well against the whiskey barrel wood.

Gold Inlay Upgrade

Looking to upgrade from silver to gold? Just select the gold inlay option before adding to cart. The natural colors of the ring work well with any color of gold.

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