Nature-Inspired Wedding Rings for Lovers of the Outdoors

April 26, 2020

nature inspired

What is it about nature that captures the imagination? For some of us, it's where we feel most at home, and there's something special about being able to carry around a little piece of it wherever we go. Nature-inspired wedding rings do just that. They represent our shared love of nature, as well as the love you and your partner share. 

Inspiration from the Great Outdoors

Many of us grow up surrounded by the beauty and power of the great outdoors. Hunters, anglers, outdoorsmen and women, and nature lovers from all walks of life—we all share a common passion for nature. Some of our fondest memories come from time spent in nature camping, fishing and hiking. Nature-inspired wedding rings shouldn’t just be pieces of jewelry, but unique and meaningful artifacts that tell your story and keep those memories close. 

Design Your Nature-Inspired Wedding Ring

When you think about it, every ring has elements of nature in it—wood, antler, precious metals, even flowers and plants—that tie it back to the outdoor world we all love. A combination of any (or all) of these elements can tell a story unique to you:

  • Wood - Beautiful American hardwoods offer a wide variety of options for your nature-inspired wedding ring. Some of the best hardwoods to use in a wedding ring include antique walnut, black cherry, chestnut, rock maple, and oak. Wood also spans a range of colors from nearly white holly to the rich, dark Indian rosewood.

  • Antler - Sourced from naturally shed Colorado elk antlers harvested from the forest floor, these rings are both rugged and stylish and are perfect for the hunting and outdoor enthusiast. Shown below is a weathered whiskey barrel wood wedding ring with elk antler edge and an offset gold inlay.

antler ring

  • Leather - The original rustic material, rough and tumble leather rings are always ready for your next adventure. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re durable and affordable too. If you’re thinking about ring accessories, leather ring wallets can provide a great way to keep your ring safe and secure.

  • Flowers - Just because your aesthetic is rugged and inspired by nature doesn't mean you can't have a wedding ring with flowers or other meaningful material. For example, rings like this women’s rosewood wedding band with pink ivory roses and dual gold inlay, shown below, incorporate real crushed roses. Lavender flowers and many other blossoms can also be used in your ring design. You may even want to incorporate dried flowers from your wedding bouquet into a special ring.

flower ring

  • Metals - While the focus of this article is on wood, metals like sterling silver, bronze, copper, and gold are excellent inlay materials. They complement the wood grain in a beautiful way, emphasizing the natural quality of the wood while adding a sleek, stylish touch. Shown below are some of the different inlay styles.


Our team of artisans can craft one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired wedding rings using materials you provide. If you have a personal and meaningful object or material, be sure to talk to us about incorporating it into your wedding rings! 

Contact us today to learn how you can create a unique, nature-inspired wedding ring that you and your partner will cherish together throughout your lifetime.

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