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Since 2016, Rustic & Main has designed and hand-crafted meaningful heirloom wedding rings from historic, sustainable and rare materials. Our rings are filled with character and history, and designed to tell a story that is uniquely yours. 

Born out of Founders’ Mike and Summer’s home garage in North Carolina, our American-made and veteran-owned small business has evolved into a 20+ team of skilled craftsmen, design experts and creatives.

Each ring from Rustic & Main is hand-crafted in our North Carolina workshop by our team of skilled artisans to represent your history, your love, and your story.

Most guys don’t get excited about their wedding band because it’s just an uninspired and ordinary piece of jewelry. At Rustic and Main, you can create a custom wedding band with a story worth getting excited about.

Who We Are

We are a team of jewelry artisans, and generally amazing people, committed to crafting unique wedding rings that tell a story.

At Rustic & Main, we believe in having small tokens as reminders of something that matters to us, that keeps us grounded, and that is rooted in the right things. The materials we use are at the heart of our rings. Whether they’re from our curated selection or provided by our customers - our handcrafted rings repurpose and preserve these unique artifacts, historic and organic materials into a wearable heirloom to express your love and your story.

That's why we do what we do.

We make handcrafted rings that tell a story.

When we started Rustic & Main, we knew that we wanted to craft rings the same way that bespoke craftsmen from generations past crafted goods. We wanted to be intentional about selecting the materials and crafting every ring with the utmost care and attention to detail.

As a result we have a product that we can be proud of, something we are thrilled to put our name on and put in front of our customers.

Each ring from Rustic & Main is handcrafted by a passionate and skilled artisan to represent your history, your love, and your story.

It's good to be an artisan. 

More Than a Wedding Ring Company

More Than a Wedding Ring Company

Rustic & Main was born from a heart of service and integrity. The foundation of our company is built upon serving⁠ God, people, and our planet over profit.⁠

The lessons we've learned over the last 7 years ⁠have provided us with clarity, passion &⁠ purpose of our mission: to make a positive impact on ⁠the jewelry industry and the world around us.⁠

We are diligent in our efforts to ensure our products, shipping, and craftsmanship are as ethical ⁠and eco-friendly as possible and are intentional and persistent with our acts of service and philanthropy.

We are committed to our service to you and mindful of the impact we make every step of the way.⁠

Our Beliefs

• We believe in creating quality handcrafted wedding bands and rings that tell a story and that each ring is an artistic expression of that story.

• We believe in God and that he created each one of us to live an amazing story.

• We believe there is something great about handcrafted goods and having a personal connection with the products we create and the customers we serve.

• We believe in marriage as God designed it (click to read more).

• We believe that USA Made is alive and well and in using our business to do good for our veterans, our community, and to help those in need.

Meet Our Founders


Mike Yarbrough

Navy Veteran & Founder

Mike is a creative spirit! He loves stories that remind us all of the bigger picture of which we’re all a part. He was the first ring maker and designer of many of our rings.


Summer Yarbrough


Summer is our visionary and integrator who wears many hats in our small-business. Her hard-earned knowledge from growing up in the jewelry business is instrumental into R&M's success.



If you stop by the shop, there's a good chance you'll meet Pippin, our shop pup and Chief Happiness Officer.