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Most guys don’t get excited about their wedding band because it’s just an uninspired and ordinary piece of jewelry. At Rustic and Main, you can create a custom wedding band with a story worth getting excited about.


We are a team of jewelry artisans, and generally amazing people, committed to crafting wooden, titanium and gold wedding rings that tell a story.

At Rustic & Main, we believe in having small tokens as reminders of something that matters to us, that keeps us grounded, and that is rooted in the right things. Things like a pocket knife from your grandfather, china passed down from your grandmother, or a quilt made by your great grandmother. These items of remembrance that are passed down from generation to generation serve as a reminder of the people and places we hold dear. That's why we do our best to capture your story in the wood and other materials we use in crafting our rings. To keep the story going and to make items of significance beyond just the material.

That's why we do what we do.

Meet Our Founders


Mike Yarbrough

Mike is a creative spirit! He loves stories and creating new businesses and products that remind us all of the bigger picture of which we’re all a part. He was the first ring maker and designer of many of our rings.

Summer Yarbrough

Summer has been a key part of Rustic and Main from the very start. She has a heart for the team members of Rustic as well as our customers and keeps tabs on everything from finances, marketing and customer service...but most importantly snacks.


Lord of the Rings fans will be familiar with her name! If you stop by the shop, there's a good chance you'll meet Pippin. She's basically Summer's dog, but loves everyone -- especially if you have a treat.