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General Rings FAQs

Yes! All of our rings are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. This does not include repairing breaks or damage which are a result of misuse (for example, if your dog chews a ring). Read our full warranty policy here. However, we do want our customers to be happy with their purchase for years to come, so if you have any issues at all, just let us know and we will be glad to help. 

We love to hear ideas from our customers. You can also use our customizer here and create a unique ring. We can certainly provide a quote for a special ring just for you as well.

Unfortunately this has proven to be difficult. We're pretty picky about the antler we use in our rings and each one goes through a process to make the ring as strong as possible. So, we are not able to use antlers from our customers.

It took a while for us to find tartan fabrics that would work and unfortunately most do not work. The issue is that fabric gets darker as we coat it with our finish, so most of the details would be lost. Also, most tartan patterns are larger so you can't see the details. However, if you need something custom you can pick out a pattern here: 

Yes. All of our rings are coated in an epoxy known as CA (Cyanoacrylate). The rings are water-resistant, however, over time, exposure to heat, chemicals, and long-term exposure to water may prematurely wear down the finish on the ring. While you can wear it in the shower or in the pool, we recommend taking them off. 

While the coating on your new ring makes for a shiny new finish, over time a wooden ring will show signs of wear just like a metal ring. If you want to keep your ring looking new, we recommend keeping it away from harsh elements, such as concrete, to avoid getting it scratched. 

For wood rings: In most cases, scratches or dings are only surface level and haven't affected the wood underneath. If that is the case, you can send the ring back to us to be refinished for a fee. We recommend refinishing the ring when ever a deep scratch is present as it may allow moisture into the ring and ruin the wood.

For metal rings: unless the inlay itself is scratched or damaged, any local jeweler can polish a metal ring. If you'd like us to take a look at your ring, reach out to us here.

Every custom ring, meaning not in stock at a certain size, is made my hand. As Rustic & Main has grown we have a number of rings in line to be created. Our turnaround time varies but may be between 4-8 weeks from the time we receive your order (along with ring size and any needed materials). We will do our best to let you know the status both through email and notifications on the site. Don't worry, it will be worth it once the ring arrives! 

The best way to determine your ring size is to use one of our ring sizers. If you have not used our sizer before, select that option when adding your ring to the cart and we'll send you one. We'll send you an email letting you know how to update your ring size.

The wider the band, the more you can see of the elements and details in your ring. However, it will also have more contact with your finger and may feel like a tighter fit compared to a narrower band.

Wood Rings FAQs

Wood has a natural and unique appeal. Your ring was once a living organism with a unique history. We believe that is important. Also, wooden rings are lighter than metal rings and are may more comfortable to wear for some people. Read more about why we love wooden rings. 

Our process of wrapping several layers of thin wood strips to create your ring makes our wooden rings very strong. In most cases, they can be squeezed as hard as possible in the hand and will not break. Our wood rings will typically flex before they snap, unlike metal which has no elasticity. In short, they are very strong under compression. 

Unfortunately, since the rings are made of wood, we would have to burn an inscription into the ring and our hands are not steady enough for that 😉. So, we aren't offering engravings or inscriptions at this time.

Contact us and send a few pictures and we can let you know if it is able to be repaired. If not, we may be able to work with you on a new ring at a discounted price. 

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