Ring Care Guide

The best ring care is preventative ring care. We recommend taking off your Rustic & Main rings during strenuous activities that could lead to scratching or damage. 

How to Care for Your Wood Ring

Wooden rings don't require much active care. We recommend gently cleaning it every now and then with a soft, dry microfiber cloth to keep the ring looking shiny. Other than that, the most important thing you can do to keep your ring in good shape is to avoid exposing it to potential damage in the first place.

What Can Damage a Wooden Ring?

1.) Water

 Wooden rings finished with CA glue are water resistant, so you don't have to worry about taking your ring off every time you wash your hands. However, like virtually all jewelry, it is generally not recommended to expose your ring to saltwater more than is necessary.

2.) Impact

Bentwood rings are strong. They're created by infusing the wood with adhesive and bending it in a circle to achieve an extremely durable, water resistant construction. One of the best things about these types of rings is that they flex before they break. Obviously you don’t want to try hitting your wooden ring with a hammer, but wood rings are highly resilient to the normal wear-and-tear of daily life. You should also take off your ring before you do any high-impact activity, like going rock climbing or taking apart your car engine, but this has more to do with personal safety than the actual durability of the ring.

3.) Chemicals

A variety of chemicals, including chemicals found in some household cleaning products, can break down the finish on your wooden ring. It's best to wear rubber gloves when working with these products anyway, but you should also take your ring off, just to be safe. When using hand sanitizer, we recommend that you remove the ring first, apply the sanitizer, and when your hands are fully dried then you can reapply your ring.

If, after years of wear, your ring has become scratched, or you notice the finish has lost a bit of its luster, you can always send it back to us to be refinished. Most scratches are only surface-level, and our ring craftsmen are experienced in bringing older rings back to their original shine.