Meet Our Team

As Rustic and Main has grown over the years, we've been blessed to have some incredible, talented people join our team.
Everyone you see here plays a big part in the success of our little business.

While we may refer to them as "Team Rustic", they are all family.

Mike Yarbrough  Founder

Mike is a creative spirit! He loves stories and creating new businesses and products that remind us all of the bigger picture of which we’re all a part. He was the first ring maker and designer of many of our rings, but now spends his time focusing on new product releases and marketing efforts. You can find out more about Mike at his other project Wolf & Iron.

Summer Yarbrough 

Summer has been a key part of Rustic and Main from the very start. While she is also a creative spirit, she brings a unique perspective on structure and organization to the business. She has a heart for the team members of Rustic as well as our customers and keeps tabs on everything from finances, marketing and customer service...but most importantly snacks. Got to keep those craftsmen happy!

Shop Dog 

Lord of the Rings fans will be familiar with her name! If you stop by the shop, there's a good chance you'll meet Pippin. She's basically Summer's dog, but loves everyone -- especially if you have a treat. Though she may be skittish towards hardwood floors, she is not hesitant to show how much she cares with her hugs.

Customer Service Lead

Tyler is a bag of surprises. He seems to be a mild mannered book and board game lover-- then BAM! you find out he also fights MMA. Most of the time you can find him working with a customer at the shop or reading a book when he manages to fit in a lunch. Tyler also has a side kick cat named Yoda, who is beloved for his doggish qualities. Fun Friend Fact: Tyler was recommended by Chelsie as Tyler is a frequent board game player at her home and surrogate uncle to her little boy.

Ring Crafter

Beasley, a US Navy vet, came to us to fill in for one of our deployed teammate as Supply Sargent. We loved him so much we decided to keep him and he is now one of our ring craftsmen. Though he may look like a Samoan Thor, he has a big heart for his girls and his family. His description of his youth in Hawaii has inspired many of us to travel to Hawaii ourselves. Fun Friend Fact: Eric T. recommended Beasley to work here.

Erich R. 
Ring Crafter

Army vet and skilled woodworker, Erich jumped in to ring making without missing a step! He has brought both passion and talent to our research and development efforts. When he's not at work, he spends time with his family and dogs. Fun Friend Fact: Kevin recommended Erich as a ring crafter.

IT/Jr Dev

Josh recently graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in History. He loves all of that old stuff, but he has to pay the bills too, so we scooped him up for his IT talent. Josh also likes languages,  philosophy and literature. His favorite reads are Alice in Wonderland and The Phantom Tollbooth. Fun Friend Fact: we knew Josh when he was in grade school and had no idea he was looking for a job until we found his resume online.

David H.  
Ring Crafter

David has been with Rustic since the early days. He started out by prepping the wood we use in our rings and eventually worked his way to a ring craftsman. Many of us have known David since he was a young boy, and we can't commend him enough on his talent and character. He has a passion for helping kids, and the heart of a hero. Fun Family/Friend Fact: Ricki is his mom and we have known him since he was 5.

Shipping Assistant

Emily is a quiet, young lady that packs a big punch. She has true talent when it comes to art, especially drawing Anime. She also enjoys playing the violin and hanging out with her family dog, Chewy. On top of her other many talents, she is academically gifted, graduating high school a whole year early. Fun Family Fact: Esmi is Emily's mom.

David L.
Ring Crafter

David's passion for history, particularly his family lineage, connects him with the rings he creates and the stories we love to tell. It was this passion that led him to come up with the idea for the Heritage Ring Collection of Tartan rings. David is a great writer and has contributed to the Rustic and Main blog. He also cooks some of the best BBQ we've ever had. Fun Family and Friend Fact: Selena is Davis's wife and they both were in care group with us a decade ago.

Order Fulfillment Specialist

Carolina was born and raised in St. Croix U.S.V.I. (Virgin Islands). She was blessed to travel between 8 countries in 8 months which totaled to 19 flights with one of her best friends, Brittany, before settling down with her other best friend, Hunter.
They are deeply in love and have two fur baby cats--Lexi & Ari--who they spoil more than themselves. Carolina also creates custom cakes: Apt. 28 Bakery. Fun Friend Fact: Carolina is a family friend of Esmi's.

Ring Crafter

We wanted to list out all of the crazy, amazing and funny things Kassie does and brings to the shop, but we thought we'd just share this picture and let you get the idea! Kassie quit a corporate job to come make rings with us. She's a talented craftswoman, and also assists with our social media efforts. Fun Friend Fact: Ethan and Kassie have been friends since highschool.

Ring Crafter

Kevin basically hounded us for a job while he was in college until we gave him one, and boy are we glad we did! Kevin has the freest spirit of just about anyone we've met and brings a lot of joy to the Rustic family. He is a talented ring craftsman that takes up any new challenge or design with enthusiasm. Fun Family Fact: "Shop Pop" Jeffrey is Kevin's father-in-law and Phoebe is his sister-in-law.

Ring Crafter

Zack spent several years serving as a marine before coming back home to Minnesota. He left his job in law enforcement to come and serve beside his friend and fellow marine Eric. He is experiencing a whole new life down south. As the 2nd youngest of six it was tough for him to leave his family, but he was relieved to step into such a family orientated environment. Zack and his dog Charlie are enjoying the warmer temperatures! Fun Friend Fact: Eric recommended Zack for the position.

Ring Crafter

Clay is North Carolina through and through. He grew up in Concord and his high school is right down the street from the shop.  After playing football for Western Carolina he settled down with his wife Jamie and they have a daughter named Parker Raine. Both ladies are the loves of his life. Brad is a shoe fanatic too! Fun Friend Fact: Beasley and Eric T recommended Brad for the job!

Maker/Assistant Production Manager

A ring maker with a serious passion (and talent) for drumming. Jeffrey was our first hire and probably the most patient student of ring crafting (because we were still figuring things out). Some fine rings have passed through his hands over the years. He's referred to as our "Shop Pop" not only for his time at Rustic, but also for the wisdom he brings. The wisdom and crafting combined helps in his role as Assistant Production Manager. Fun Family Fact: Phoebe is his daughter and Kevin his other daughters husband.

Ring Prep

Phoebe has her hands in projects in both the shop and Right Side of the House. She spends most of her time as a ring wrapper/prepper but also ships for Wolf & Iron and our line of leather rings. When not at work, she enjoys catching up on politics and debating theology. Two of her biggest joys are attending home church, and spending time with her meerkat-like cat. Fun Family Fact: Jeffrey is her dad.

Live Chat

Selena is one busy woman. Not only does she man live chat for us but she homeschools three children too! In between all of that she finds time for cooking, crafting and gardening. Fun Family Fact: Her and her ring making husband David can cook. Seriously. Everything from chili to BBQ.

Eric T.
Ring Crafter

A Marine Corp vet, Eric brings a lot of discipline and structure to his ring crafting, and as a result, produces some amazing rings. So amazing that we put him in charge of QC. He's always willing to take on a task, no matter what, and looks forward to working with our line of metal rings. He is very close to his mom and siblings, and loves to travel. Fun Friend Fact: Ethan recommended Eric to us.

Receiving Assistant

Carol works in the shipping department as a shipping and receiving assistant. She has a passion for serving and finds great joy in helping others. In her spare time, Carol loves working in her yard, walking her dogs and spending quality time with her family and friends. Fun Friend Fact: Ricki and Carol are neighbors and friends.


Esmi came onboard Team Rustic as Summer's part-time sidekick to help with payroll, but has become an indispensable part of our team, now handling most of our finances and ordering. She has a super power in helping us save money. She's a dedicated mother, a hard worker, and enjoys restoration projects and design in her spare time. Fun Family Fact: Emily is Esmi's daughter.

Shipping and Receiving Lead

Ricki runs the Shipping and Receiving Department of Rustic and Main. She is one of the original gang that endured working out of Mike and Summer's home before moving to our current location. Ricki has a big heart for serving, and being outside. She also is a beast at cycle class and can dance! Fun Family Fact: She is David's mom and her husband Tim guest stars at Rustic and Main with his OT skills.