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Meet the Team


Mike Yarbrough

Founder and Navy Veteran

Mike had the entrepreneur bug for a long time before Rustic & Main took off. While working in IT, he created and sold software, worked on a book, and started an online community, Wolf & Iron, that encourages real manliness. Mike combined his love of storytelling with his experience in woodworking to create the original line of Rustic & Main wood rings. He no longer crafts rings but spends most of his time working on R&M's marketing endeavors and new ring designs for the business. On the side, Mike is writing his first work of fiction and learning to be an instrument of destruction through Krav Maga.


Summer Yarbrough


Soon after R&M launched with two rings on Etsy, Summer stepped in and helped the company grow into what it is today. Her hard-earned knowledge from growing up in the jewelry business and homeschooling her sons was instrumental to R&M's success. Summer grew and adapted her roles as Rustic & Main went from Summer, Mike & their friend Jeffrey operating out of the couple's home to a 28-member team working in a 7,000-square-foot building. When she isn't working on the family business, Summer loves traveling with Mike, enjoying art in its many forms, and spending time in nature with Pippin.



CCO- Chief Cheer Officer

Yes, Summer really loves Pippin a lot. That’s what happens when you marry your high school sweetheart, and your children are all grown up before you are 45. Your dog gets a spot right beside you on your business website. Truth is, Pippin gets the top spot because it is hard to pick our favorite teammate to be on the same line with the owners. They are all superstars in our book and key to the success of Rustic & Main. Plus, who would not want to see more pictures of Pippin? She's usually following Summer around work most days and is eager to greet both customers and postal workers alike.


Jeffrey Payne

Production Manager a.k.a. Shop Pop

A ring maker with a serious passion (and talent) for drumming. Jeffrey was Rustic's first hire and probably the most patient student of ring crafting (because we were still figuring things out). Some fine rings have passed through his hands over the years. He's referred to as our "Shop Pop" not only for his time at Rustic, but also for the wisdom he brings.


Ricki Herlihy

Shipping & Receiving Lead

Ricki has been with R&M since the business operated out of Summer & Mike's home. She started shipping and packaging rings from the home office and now leads the Rustic & Main's Shipping & Receiving Department. Ricki can regularly be found hosting a party, dancing to music, or spending time with her children and grandpups.

Tyler Bowen

Head of Customer Service

Tyler is not just the pretty face of customer service. He ensures that all things customer service are running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. He has a gift for handling urgent situations, like postal services losing rings in the mail. Tyler is a bag of juxtapositions. He enjoys singing broadway songs and board games but has also competed in MMA competitions. 

Torri Bobo

Marketing Director

Torri brings close to a decade of digital marketing expertise to our team. She is a rare breed as she loves tech and spreadsheets but also has an artistic eye. Torri has a hand in everything from packaging design to ads and emails. When not tackling the marketing world, she loves exploring downtown Charlotte, biking, and spending time with her pup Molli. 


El-Don Beasley

Craftsman and US Navy Veteran

Beasley is the guy everyone likes and lights up a room with his brilliant smile. That same smile is seen in several of our pictures as he is one of the faces of Rustic & Main. He brings a creative eye and dedication to his role as a craftsman and is our go-to man for fabrics like tartan. Beasley frequently shows off his lovely family of girls by bringing them by the shop for a visit.

Kassie McGinnis


Kassie jumped ship from her life-draining corporate job to become a craftsman at Rustic and Main four years ago. Since then, she has been a big part of launching new products and has brought an incredible eye for detail to the rings she crafts. Kassie has a big heart for her family, including her German Shepherd, Knox, a favorite shop dog of ours. 

Carolina Hart

Order Fulfillment Specialist

If someone is having a good laugh, it is usually with Carolina. However, she is serious about helping our customers design their rings and giving the best customer service possible. Carolina is also serious about beautiful travel photography and trying new foods. If you have seen pictures of our rings for women, chances are, Carolina is in those pictures.

Brad Clay


Brad is a heads-down, quiet kind of guy. We all know when he speaks, it's worth hearing, and often, it is to tell us about his sweet family. Brad brings a quiet determination to his craft that's easily seen in his work. Brad would never brag about the steady flow of great-looking rings he crafts, but the results speak for themselves. He’s a top-notch crafter! 


Sidney Seiber

Marketing Specialist-a.k.a. Sunny Side Sid

Sidney recently graduated from Bob Jones University. She brings an eye for detail and a can-do attitude to all the creative and analytical work she does for marketing. Sidney is one of the sweetest and most encouraging people on the planet. She may look a little famous as she has been featured in our ads and website pictures.

Phoebe Payne


Phoebe started with R&M when the business operated out of Summer & Mike's house. Over the years, she has grown from a supporting role to a full-fledged craftsman. Phoebe brings an incredible artistic eye to her work, especially with flower and stone rings. She brings the same creativity and spirit of dedication to her personal style and her many long-lasting friendships.

Zack McGinnis

Craftsman and Marine Veteran

Zack wins the prize for being from the most northern part of the USA, Minnesota. After serving in the Marines and at a correctional facility up North, Zack came down to the R&M site unseen based on the good word of his fellow Marine, Eric Thompson. We are glad he did because he rocks out beautiful rings and is responsible for crafting several of our custom ring designs.

Elisha Oddy

Craftsman/Shop Specialist

We have known Elisha since he was twelve years old, and since then, he has always been designing and creating something. We were excited to put his ingenuity and creativity to work at Rustic & Main. Elisha works primarily in precious metals and titanium and provides support for all craftsmen. If he's not working in the shop, you can find Elisha fishing or simply outside enjoying nature. 


Ann Gillette

Shipping Assistant

Ann is another Florida native eager to chime in with an encouraging and thoughtful word. She splits her time between our shipping department and caring for her grandkids, church family, and many plants. Ann’s primary job is to keep up the flow of all the ring sizers coming in and out of the building.

Ian David Snelleman


Ian, so far, is our only west coast native and brings previous crafting experience to his role. He's a good-natured guy who brings a lot of fun energy to the team. Ian likes to work with a variety of materials, but some of his favorite rings to craft feature titanium or antique walnut. One benefit of being an R&M craftsman is that Ian has more time to get back into mountain biking. That's Rad!

Paul Oaks


Paul was an easy pick for a crafter due to all of the previous knowledge he brought to the table. He had lengthy careers in set design, theater design, and metalworking before coming to Rustic & Main. Paul enjoys the challenge of a good antler ring and loves the final result. We appreciate the peaceful and calm demeanor he brings to each task.

Ryan Rowlee

Repair and Craftsman

Ryan is our resident expert on Russia and Lord of the Rings. His taste for the classics extends to his ring preference, as his favorite R&M ring is The Old Fashioned. He is one of our newest additions but has been a quick study and a great team member. A day will come when he will make one great ring to rule them all...