We are able to exchange a ring within the first 30 days of you receiving it at no cost to you*, provided you used one of our ring sizers to obtain the size of your ring. This can be done for various reasons, such as something as simple as needing a different size outside of our ability to resize the current ring. The exchange can be done for a ring of equal or lesser value. Any alterations that would cause the price of the ring to go up will be charged accordingly. The existing ring must be returned like new and unworn, which includes not using it for any pictures or special ceremonies. An exchange is only necessary when the existing ring cannot be resized.

If you find yourself in need of an exchange after having the ring for more than 30 days, OR, you did not use our ring sizer, then you will be subject to a fee of $150 for the exchange. Note: We do not accept exchanges after 90 days of you receiving the ring.

Note: If you have a ring made from gold or other precious metals please contact us as these rings are excluded from our exchange policy.

Note: Exchange rings are given a FREE priority order upgrade and will follow the turnaround time for priority orders. 

If you believe you need an exchange, contact us using the form below. If you know that you will need to purchase an exchange, you can do so here.

*Free exchanges do not apply to rings that use Customer Provided Materials or precious metals such as gold. Contact us for more details.