Why we love titanium wedding bands!


Why we love titanium wedding bands!

September 03 2021 – Mike Yarbrough

Titanium mens wedding band with turquoise and mesquite wood
Titanium mens wedding band with turquoise and mesquite wood

In the last few years, we’ve become known for our incredible, storytelling wood wedding bands. We knew early on that we also wanted to design metal bands in the same vein of what we’re known for: using historic woods and fabrics, as well as other meaningful materials, to create a truly unique ring. We decided to use titanium for our initial line of metal wedding bands because we think it’s an awesome alloy!

Reasons We Love Titanium for Wedding Bands

Titanium is Hypoallergenic

For most guys, the wedding ring is the first piece of jewelry they’ve ever worn. This means they don’t know if they are allergic to other metals until after they’ve made a purchase. Aside from precious metals such as gold or platinum, many metals contain nickel or cobalt which can cause a rash for those with sensitive skin.

And while not necessarily a rash, copper, brass, bronze and even some silver can cause an unsightly green ring of oxidation.

Titanium on the other hand is hypoallergenic, making it one of the safest bets when it comes to ring metal selection.

A Great Combination of Durability and Workability

There are a number of very hard materials being used for wedding rings these days: tungsten carbide and ceramic topping the list of choices. But, extreme hardness typically equates to brittleness and the inability to customize the ring layout. Tungsten and ceramic rings mass manufactured with limited layouts and sizing options.

Titanium, on the other hand, is hardy enough to be worn daily, even with rigorous work, but also able to be machined so we can create unique layouts and sizes.

Titanium Rings Have Varying Shades of Color

One of the most unique qualities of titanium is its ability to change shades of color depending on the finish. A highly polished finish will result in an almost silvery-white color, whereas a sandblasted finish will yield a deep gray. We like to finish our rings in a brushed, satin finish which brings out slight hues of gray depending on the lighting, while still showcasing the newness of the ring.

Titanium mens wedding band with elk antler inlayNotice the above ring. Our "Marksman" ring shows off grayish hues with its satin finish.

Titanium mens wedding band with rifle stock and wwi uniform
In the above photo, The Great War titanium ring catches the light just right and shines back more of a silvery shade. Both rings have the same finish, but the lighting makes a big difference.

Titanium is Lightweight and Warm

While some guys will no doubt like the heavier feel of some other metals, we like titanium because it’s lightweight and warmer than what you find with other alloys.

Most metal rings feel cold when you first put them on and can even feel cold and heavy when wearing them. A titanium band quickly adjusts to the temperature of your ring finger and is so lightweight that you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Titanium is USA Made!

As a proud USA made brand, we love the idea of titanium being sourced right here at home! It helps keep the economic engine of America running smoothly and helps to ensure Americans have jobs in a much needed field.

Whenever possible, we want to utilize American materials to create truly American rings!

Final Thoughts

While there are other great metals we want to explore with our ring designs, we have no doubt that titanium will always top the list of metals we love. If you’ve been wondering if a titanium wedding band is right for you, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with a ring made from titanium.