Your Origin Story

To know one's roots is to know and honor those who came before. Each of us is a result of someone's dream of the future, of their hopes for their children and their children's children. Crafting a token of remembrance helps us to remain grounded in our past and create something for the next generation. Our Heritage Collection includes tartan rings from our Scottish & Irish heritage collection and crushed Arizona turquoise rings from our Native American Heritage rings. 

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Custom Tartan

Rosewood & Custom Tartan Fabric
from $ 490.00

The Great War

Rifle Stock & WWI Uniform
from $ 645.00

The Captain

Whiskey Barrel & Teak Wood
from $ 645.00

The Huntsman

Elk Antler & Natural Turquoise
from $ 645.00

The Infantryman

WWI Uniform & Center Metal Inlay
from $ 545.00

The Arizonan

Arizona Mesquite Wood & Turquoise
from $ 645.00

The Celtic

Whiskey Barrel & Tartan Fabric
from $ 495.00

The Scottish National

Rosewood, Scottish Tartan, & Metal Inlays
from $ 490.00

The Irish National

Rosewood, Irish Tartan, & Metal Inlays
from $ 490.00

The Flower of Scotland

Rosewood, Scottish Tartan, & Metal Inlays
from $ 490.00

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