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Crushed stones that hold monumental meaning

A Gem to Behold

Stones that shine with beauty & meaning to tell your story.

Glimmers of Inspiration

Precious stones have long been rooted in myth and meaning throughout human history. Stay grounded and bring significant meaning to your ring by incorporating stones.

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The Jurassic

from $ 750.00

Women's Antique Walnut Wedding Band with Turquoise, Holly & Dual Gold

from $ 540.00

The Huntsman

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The Sage

from $ 445.00

The Arizonan

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The Maple & Turquoise - Triple

from $ 460.00
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(In-Stock) The Arizonan - Size 10.25/8mm

from $ 645.00
Ready to Ship

(In-Stock) The Jurassic - Size 10.25/8mm Wide

from $ 750.00

A Deeper Meaning

Did you know turquoise symbolizes protection and good fortune? Or that lapis lazuli was associated with wisdom and truth? From crushed turquoise to sand from a memorable place visited with your loved one, incorporating stones into your design can bring unique color and deeper meaning to your ring. Our customers constantly surprise us with the stunning and unique stones they bring to their rings. Dinosaur fossils, lapis lazuli, meteorite are just a few of the amazing stones we've crafted into rings.  

Arizona Crushed Turquoise

Our sky blue turquoise is sourced from Arizona. We add in a bit of pyrite (fool's gold) because the two are often found together, and the little bits of gold give the turquoise a touch of sparkle.

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