Custom Ring Materials Guide


Custom Material Dimensions & Tips

Size needed: It needs to be a minimum of 2x4 inches.

Tip: Please be aware that the fabric will appear darker in a finished ring. To get a good idea of the coloring, you can simply run some water over the fabric and that will be pretty close to how it will look in your ring.

Size needed: The woods needs to be dry and a minimum of 8x1x1 inches with the grain running lengthwise.

Tip: Old pieces of wood and drift wood, will turn grey over time, but the inside wood is often more natural in color. Let us know if you prefer to use the inside wood or the outside wood and we will see if we can accommodate the request with the wood provided.

Amount Needed:

  • Sand: ~2 Tablespoons.
  • Rocks: About a handful
  • Seashells: Depends on the size. Small seashells, the size of a quarter, 6-8.

Tip: Sand and rocks often have various colorings to them. If there is a particular color you would like more pronounced in your design, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate the request.

Amount needed: The flowers need to be fully DRIED. A small handful should be enough. They can be pressed or in their natural state.

Tip: To preserve the color and to quicken the drying process. We recommend using silica gel and covering the flowers with it in a container for 2-4 days depending on how large the flower is. Petals dry quicker. You can find silica gel at your nearest craft store or online.

Amount needed: Coffee beans are easier for us to work with, but coffee grounds work as well. We typically only need a couple spoonful's of coffee grounds and maybe a handful of coffee beans.

Tip: Coffee beans allow us to have a good mix of grain in the final ring. A finely ground coffee will have less noticeable grain in the final ring than a coarser grind. Also, keep in mind that a darker roast will look closer to black while a light or medium roast will have more of a brown or reddish color.

We have many popular tartans already in-house. You can see the list of tartans that we carry here:

If you need a tartan that we don't carry, you can likely find it here:

When ordering the tartan, you can have it mailed to us directly from House of Tartan or you can have it mailed to you and send us about 10" of the fabric.

Tip: Some of the colors in the tartan may be cut off in order to fit the ribbon into the design. Keep in mind that the tartan will darken considerably when inlaid into the ring. Tartans that are lighter in color seem to do best in our designs.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we'll be glad to help.

We can use most types/brands of customer provided guitar strings, with the A-string being the string that will fit best with our inlays.

Guitar strings are sealed in an epoxy so they won't be exposed to the elements.

We prefer a fresh guitar string if possible. Used guitar strings may still have oil residue that can corrode over time, even under the epoxy.

We DO NOT work with bass strings as they are too large.