Leather Ring Wallet

Help keep your new, one-of-a-kind ring safe and secure with our leather ring wallet. For those new to having a wedding ring, it's far too easy to misplace it (we have quite a few emails attesting to this).

Upgrade their Unboxing Experience

We package all of our rings in a stylish box, but the ring wallet takes the presentation to a new level. Plus, the smell of leather is always a welcomed surprise.

In addition to safeguarding our rings, the ring wallet is great for carrying guitar picks or change.

Handmade in the USA

Our ring wallets are made by hand in the US. The Horween Chromexcel leather we've chosen is known to wear in and not wear out, taking on it's own unique patina and warm glow that only high-quality leather can deliver.

Each wallet features:

  • Horween Chromexcel Leather
  • Antiqued Brass Adornments
  • Pre-oiled and ready to use