Purchasing a Wedding Band: Part 4 - Custom Ring Design

July 26, 2020

custom ring design

It's hard to even wrap one's mind around the sheer variety of wedding rings available today. With countless styles and materials in every conceivable price range, the options are virtually limitless. 

Still, most wedding rings fall into a few basic categories, and for couples who want to think outside the box for their wedding, custom ring design is a great option. With a custom design you can ensure that you are getting a ring that is meaningful and unique and has the quality and price point you’re looking for.

Advantages of a Custom Wedding Ring

Some couples may shy away from custom ring design because they imagine it to be difficult, expensive and time consuming. Please note, while it likely won’t be a quick 30-day process of ordering, crafting and shipping a custom ring (our turnaround time is approximately 8 weeks for a handcrafted ring), if you’re working with the right company with skilled ring artisans, designers, and great customer service (like us!), creating your custom ring should be a seamless process.

  • Stand out from the crowd. Despite the number of wedding rings you can choose from, most of them end up looking pretty much the same. Women’s rings end up being a gold or silver band with a center diamond, and men opt for the plain gold or silver bands. Custom rings are a great way to stand out, and let the world know that your love story is one-of-a-kind, and isn't about to get lost in the crowd. 

  • Tell your story, your way. Can you find a great-looking ring in a jewelers' display case? Sure. But can you find one that has a significant meaning for you and your future spouse? That's a tall order. A custom ring design makes it possible to create a wedding ring that really means something to both of you, with a design and materials that feel special.

  • The price is right. There's no reason why every custom engagement ring or wedding ring should be expensive. With a wide range of wedding ring styles and materials to choose from, it's possible to design a ring that fits any budget.

  • Invest in quality. Custom wedding rings are typically made by bona fide ring artisans, talented craftsmen who use the best materials, and invest the time and attention to detail to make sure each piece is of the highest quality. A ring can become an heirloom your family passes down through the generations.

  • Choose matching rings (or don't). Many couples love the idea of getting a matched set of wedding rings, but have trouble agreeing on something they both really like. Custom ring design allows you to create rings that utilize the same elements, but also have unique characteristics. That way, you can have rings that "go together," but may not necessarily be identical. 
couple's custom wedding ring set

Custom Ring Design Options

With the ability to choose a wedding band material, center stone, carvings, inlays and any other design elements you like, you can craft a ring (or a set of rings) unlike any other. At Rustic and Main, we offer customization options in a couple areas:

  • Choose your wedding ring materials. Our focus has always been on wood wedding rings, but the breadth of our wedding ring material options goes much further. You can choose a wedding ring that incorporates things like elk antler, turquoise, gold, silver and WWI uniform wool, just to name a few. We also use wood ranging from weathered whiskey barrels and antique rifle stocks, to prime American hardwoods. 
custom military wedding rings 3 different materials
  • Choose your wedding ring style. With several different wedding ring styles -- including center inlays, offset inlays and custom edges -- in any combination of materials you can think of, you're sure to find a ring that has deep meaning for both you and your spouse.
custom wedding ring styles with different inlays

At Rustic & Main, crafting unique, meaningful custom wedding rings is what we do. Email us at team@rusticandmain.com to start collaborating with our team on the perfect, one-of-a-kind custom ring design that reflects your love and tells your story. 

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