Introducing: Solid Gold Rings from Rustic & Main

June 09 2022 – Mike Yarbrough

Introducing: Solid Gold Rings from Rustic & Main
Introducing: Solid Gold Rings from Rustic & Main

Our customers often have the best ideas! For quite some time now we've had requests to create our titanium ring designs using solid gold. Of course, we were eager to give it a go, and wow! They turned out exceptional!

We're now offering all of our titanium ring designs in solid 14K or 10K gold (keep reading for the differences between the two).

If you see one of our designs you love, but would like to dress it up in yellow, rose, or white gold, just reach out and let us know.

Or, head over to our customizers, select a design layout that suits your style, and see your new ring come to life as you design a custom ring just for you.

Here's a peek at a design we created called The Gold Rush. It features authentic teak wood from the USS California battleship, a 14K solid yellow gold band, with a custom engraving.

USS California Battleship teak wood and yellow gold ring with engraving
USS California teak ring with yellow gold on teak plank

What's the difference between 14K and 10K gold?

While 14K and 10K look very similar, there are a few differences to consider. 14K is going to be more pure than 10K, meaning a 10K gold ring has less gold in it. However, one of the benefits is that a 10K ring will be a bit of a harder metal, particularly as a white gold ring. 10K, because it has less gold is also cheaper than 14K. However, if you're a purist get the 14K.

Afterall, this is likely your wedding ring and it should be the ring you really want!

All gold can scratch rather easily, so expect your ring to have some character after being worn for a while.

Why would someone choose gold over titanium?

Titanium is an amazing metal (see why we love it, here). But some people want a ring that has the heft, looks, and material value of gold. After all, gold has remained a viable currency for quite some time. It's nice to know the ring you're wearing has a value to it beyond the sentimental. 

Both gold and titanium are hypoallergenic, so either is a great choice in that regard. 

Although gold is a softer metal than titanium, it weighs more and some people really like the feeling of a heavier ring. 

Gold has that timeless appeal. While other metals go in and out of style, gold always remains a staple of class and sophistication. 

We're excited to offer this as an option for our line of metal rings. What will you design? Click here to use our customizers and come up with a design you absolutely love.