How to Get the Correct Men's Wedding Band Width Measurement

May 03 2020 – Mike Yarbrough

common ring widths
common ring widths

A lot of things go into choosing a wedding band, from colors and materials to style, size and width. One of the most common issues people face when buying a ring is trying to determine their wedding band width. The width of a wedding band is often difficult to figure out for the simple reason that it's hard to visualize in terms of millimeters (mm). In this blog, we'll explain how to easily find the men's wedding band width perfect for either you or your future spouse.

The Basics of Choosing the Best Men’s Wedding Band Width

Men’s wedding band widths are generally between 6 mm and 12 mm, the average being 8 mm. However, available widths can also depend on the type of material. Wedding bands made from metal commonly range in width from 4 mm to 7 mm. Wedding bands made from wood tend to be a bit wider, partly because very thin wooden rings end up being quite delicate, but also because a wider ring offers a better opportunity to truly see the richness of the grain. For comparison, Rustic & Main wedding rings are made in four widths: 5.5 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm and 9 mm.

Ring width is considered narrow if it is under 6 mm and wide if it is over 7 mm. Most men prefer a wider wedding band as a wider band is associated with being more masculine, while a narrower band is thought of as being more feminine. That's open to some debate, but there's no doubt that a wide band makes a bigger visual impact. A lot of men looking to make a statement will go with a wider band. 

wedding band width

It is important to also consider hand shape and finger sizes when choosing a wedding band. There are no firm rules here, but men with larger, "beefier" hands tend to favor a wider wedding band, while a narrower band typically looks best on men with smaller hands and more slender fingers. Again, it's still a matter of preference—no one can say a man with small hands can't wear a wider ring—but these are all factors worth considering. 

Exact Measurement or Rough Estimation?

Time to pull out those piggy banks! If you don’t have a ruler lying around, a great way to estimate the width of a wedding band is to use spare change - a handful of pennies will do. Stacking up some pennies can easily tell you which wedding band width is right for you. For reference, a penny is 1.52 mm thick, so four pennies stacked together would be about 5.5 mm thick, while six pennies are approximately 9 mm thick.

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How to Learn More about Men’s Wedding Band Widths

We've made rings of all widths and sizes, using alternative materials ranging from antique rifle stock wood to Colorado elk antler. Our goal is to create something that's more than just a piece of jewelry; we want to craft a one-of-a-kind object that truly represents the person who wears it. Because each ring is made by hand, we can create a truly unique ring in your desired width.

Take our ring style quiz to find which Rustic and Main ring collection best suits your style. If you already know your style, go ahead and get started designing your own custom ring! Our live chat team is standing by to answer any questions you might have about men's wedding band widths, styles and materials.