6mm vs 8mm Rings: Which Is Better for You?

January 14, 2021

choosing ring size 6mm or 8mm

Choosing the right ring size isn't always easy, nor is deciding on the ideal ring width. While these two factors—ring size and ring width—are very different, they're both equally important. Depending on the size and shape of your hands, a 6mm or 8mm ring could be just the right fit. 

6mm vs 8mm Ring

Rings come in a wide range of widths, and are measured in millimeters. For men's wedding rings, an 8mm ring is the most common width. That said, some men prefer the slightly narrower profile of a 6mm ring, or may want an even thicker ring up to 9 or 10mm. 

The difference between a 6mm vs 8mm ring might seem insignificant, but on your hand it can be a much greater difference than you might expect. For the most part, men with longer fingers often prefer wider rings, while narrower rings tend to look best on men with more short fingers. For those with larger knuckles, a thinner width can be easier to get over your knuckle onto your finger.

At Rustic and Main, we make rings ranging from 5.5mm to 9mm. For scale, a 5.5mm ring is roughly the thickness of four pennies stacked on top of each other, and a 9mm ring is approximately the thickness of 6 pennies.

comparing ring sizes using pennies

Ring Width ≠ Ring Size

You may wonder how ring width affects ring size. Generally speaking, these are two separate measurements and, in theory, the width of your ring should have little impact on your ring size. It is possible, however, for wider rings to feel more tight than thinner rings, even if their sizes are identical. 

The size of your ring can affect the way it looks as well. If your ring size is 9.0 or above, an 8mm ring will look proportional to your hand. If you wear a smaller ring size, consider a narrower 6mm band.

Still trying to decide between a 6mm vs 8mm ring? If you haven’t decided what ring style you want either, but still want to get the ball rolling and determine your size, you can purchase a ring sizer. Our ring sizers are based on comfort fit rings, and will give you your ideal ring size, no matter the width. If you still have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send us an email at team@rusticandmain.com. Our experts will guide you through the sizing process so you can be sure you’ll be choosing the ideal ring size and ring width for your finger.

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