What Is a Comfort Fit Ring?

May 07, 2020

What Is a Comfort Fit Ring?

When you're buying a ring, the only thing more important than how it looks is the way it feels. Most wedding rings are sized one of two ways: standard fit or comfort fit. If you’re wondering what a “comfort fit” is, this article will help you out.

What Is a Comfort Fit Ring?

As its name suggests, a comfort fit ring is designed with comfort in mind. Comfort fit rings are a newer ring design with rounded interiors. The rounded interior requires more material to create and, as a consequence, they tend to be slightly more expensive than standard fit rings. Both comfort fit and standard fit rings are valid options, but there are some differences you need to be aware of.

What’s the Difference between Comfort Fit and Standard Fit?

The difference between a standard fit ring and a comfort fit ring is the shape of the inside edge. A standard fit ring has a flat, inner surface, which fits snugly against your finger. A comfort fit ring has a beveled, inside edge, which allows it to slip on and off more smoothly. Comfort fit rings are generally recommended for men because they can slide over larger knuckles more easily. They're also a bit more forgiving if you gain a pound or two and find that your fingers have gotten just a wee bit thicker. The advantage of comfort fit rings is especially noticeable on wider wedding bands (those 6 mm wide or more). With narrower rings, there's often a less discernible difference.

Because comfort fit rings have a beveled edge, they are sized based on the center line—the thickest part of the ring—not the outside edges. This ensures a snug, comfortable fit that's not too tight. In theory, standard rings and comfort fit rings should fit the same but, in practice, it might "feel" like there's a difference between two rings that are the same size.

A comfort fit ring will slide on and off a little more easily than a standard fit ring that is technically the exact same measurement. If you have an old, standard fit ring, don't buy a comfort fit ring and assume that it will fit the same.

rustic and main ring size infographic

How to Get a Comfort Fit Ring That Actually Fits

The best way to ensure a proper fit is to work with the business from whom you plan to purchase your ring. Each ring crafter may have particular sizing techniques that work with the style of ring they are creating for you.

If you’re not feeling particularly motivated to leave the house, you can simply order a ring sizer. Equally useful for both standard and comfort fit rings, a ring sizer will wrap around your ring finger to determine your ideal ring size. It looks a bit like a giant keychain full of rings (as shown below). Start with a ring size you think will be too large and work your way down. The idea is to find just the right ring size that's loose enough to fit over your knuckle, but not so loose that you can shake it off. Your ring shouldn’t cut off your circulation, but you also don't want it slipping off while you're working. If you decide to use a ring sizer, be sure to try the sizer on throughout the day for a more accurate measurement.

what is a comfort fit ring ring sizer

If you have any more questions about how to find the wedding band that fits you just right, don't hesitate to ask! Contact us today and we'll get back to you as quick as we can!

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