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Our women's collection focuses on elegantly designed rings, blended with brilliant hues from unique materials to craft stunningly beautiful rings.

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The Maiden

Antique Walnut, Sea Lavender, & Center Metal Inlay
from $ 440.00

The Weekend in Marseille

Weathered Maple, Provence Lavender, & Metal Inlay
from $ 420.00

The Fabled Lass

Weathered Maple, Sea Lavender, & Center Metal Inlay
from $ 420.00

The Champs-Elysees

Antique Walnut & Provence Lavender
from $ 440.00

 Lovely in Lavender

Lavender has been known to symbolize purity, grace, devotion and serenity. We use multiple kinds of lavender flowers in our rings, each with its own unique appearance. Provence lavender, also known as French Lavender, creates a delicate, flecked pattern of purple, gold and green when preserved within the ring. Another kind, known as sea lavender, produces a bolder, more vivid purple color. We also have a mixture of both for those who can’t choose which they like best!

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