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Scotch Whisky Distillery

Heritage from Across the Pond

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Titanium mens wedding band with turquoise and mesquite wood

Why we love titanium wedding bands!

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  • American Heritage

    American Heritage: The Journey from East to West

    September 02 2021

    Here, we’re going to take a closer look at American whiskies and Colorado Elk antler as a combination that captures the American story. As we reflect on the scope of this pairing, consider that prominent American whiskey styles of distilling, purifying, and aging were born in Kentucky and Tennessee (the historical American East), and the home of the Rocky Mountain...

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  • The Great War 1903 Rifle Stock and WW1 Uniform Metal Ring

    Preserving American Heritage and Culture

    August 26 2021

    Since its founding in 2016, Rustic & Main has maintained a focus on preserving and celebrating the stories of individuals and cultures in every ring we craft.

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  • Black Watch

    An Abbreviated History of Black Watch Tartan

    August 19 2021

    The Black Watch’s contribution to some of the biggest conflicts in world history have nurtured a great pride in all those associated with this Regiment.

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  • Scottish Highland Games

    All About the Scottish Highland Games

    August 12 2021

    The Celtic Nations are composed of Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, Brittany, and Cornwall. In the United States, Celtic festivals are easily identifiable by the inclusion of well-known Irish and Scottish traditions, such as kilts (tartan plaid) and bagpipes. And when we step into festivals such as the Scottish Highland Games, we gain insight into Scottish events and...

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