Meet the Rustic and Main Team

As Rustic and Main has grown over the years, we've been blessed to have some incredible, talented people join our team. Everyone you see here plays a big part in the success of our little business. While we may refer to them as "Team Rustic", they are all family.

Mike Yarbrough - Founder

Mike is a creative spirit! He loves stories and creating new businesses and products that remind us all of the bigger picture of which we’re all a part. He was the first ring maker and designer of many of our rings, but now spends his time focusing on new product releases and marketing efforts. You can find out more about Mike at his other project Wolf & Iron.

Summer Yarbrough - Co-Founder

Summer has been a key part of Rustic and Main from the very start. While she is also a creative spirit, she brings a unique perspective on structure and organization to the business. She has a heart for the team members of Rustic as well as our customers and keeps tabs on everything from finances, marketing and customer service...but most importantly snacks. Got to keep those craftsmen happy!

Meet Our Makers


A ring maker with a serious passion (and talent) for drumming. Jeffrey was Rustic's first hire and probably the most patient student of ring crafting (because we were still figuring things out). Some fine rings have passed through his hands over the years. He's referred to as our "Shop Pop" not only for his time at Rustic, but also for the wisdom he brings.

David L.

David's passion for history, particularly his family lineage, connects him with the rings he creates and the stories we love to tell. David is our Shop Lead and regularly contributes to the Rustic and Main blog. He also cooks some of the best BBQ we've ever had.


Ethan impressed us all with the speed in which he took up the craft of ring making. He's a natural! Gifted in the area of details and forward thinking, Ethan has been instrumental in pinpointing winning craftsmanship techniques that have made the whole team better. He loves a challenge and often crafts many of our custom rings.

David H.

David has been with Rustic since the early days. He started out by prepping the wood we use in our rings and eventually worked his way to a ring craftsman. Many of us have known David since he was a young boy, and we can't commend him enough on his talent and character. He has a passion for helping kids, and the heart of a hero.


We wanted to list out all of the crazy, amazing and funny things Kassie does and brings to the shop, but we thought we'd just share this picture and let you get the idea! Kassie quit a corporate job to come make rings with us. She's a talented craftswoman, and also assists with our social media efforts.


Beasley, a US Navy vet, is our official "Supply Sergeant", meaning he makes sure everyone has everything they need to make rings. Though he may look like a Samoan Thor, he has a big heart for his girls and his family. We're still trying to figure out a team trip to Hawaii sometime in the future.

Eric T.

A Marine Corp vet, Eric brings a lot of discipline and structure to his ring crafting, and as a result, produces some amazing rings. He's always willing to take on a task, no matter what, and looks forward to working with our line of metal rings. He is very close to his mom and siblings, and loves to travel.


Kristina is a great addition to the Rustic team. She won us over with her tales of working on her bikes and and other hands-on hobbies as a kid. She brings an international flair to the team as her parents are from the Ukraine. Summer appreciates having another vegetarian and animal lover in the shop.


Kevin basically hounded us for a job while he was in college until we gave him one, and boy are we glad we did! Kevin has the freest spirit of just about anyone we've met and brings a lot of joy to the Rustic family. He is a talented ring craftsman that takes up any new challenge or design with enthusiasm. He also mans our live chat and loves to interact with our customers.

Erich R.

Army vet and skilled woodworker, Erich jumped in to ring making without missing a step! He has brought both passion and talent to our research and development efforts. When he's not at work, he spends time with his family and dogs.


As a creative, DJ brings a lot of talent to the team of ring makers. He has recently taken up crafting our leather rings. Around here he's known as an actor and fight choreographer, and can be found in traditional Highland dress in the local Renaissance Festival.

David Q.

Q -- as he's known to us -- was our original "Supply Sergeant" and is currently deployed overseas in the Army National Guard. He is our resident gearhead and loves bikes and cars. We are all praying for his safe return back home and to Team Rustic!


Phoebe has her hands in projects in both the shop and Right Side of the House. She spends most of her days as a ring wrapper/prepper but also ships for Wolf & Iron and our line of leather rings. When not at work, she enjoys catching up on politics, debating theology, and colorizing digital art.


As a ring wrapper and prepper, she is part of the team that creates a strong foundation for our rings. We all love her great smile and contagious laughter. And talk about a singing voice! Her goal is to develop her vocal and songwriting career, and with her talent we believe she'll be a hit!

Meet our Right Side of the House (aka. Office Teammates)


Ricki runs the shipping side of Rustic and Main and touches just about every ring before it's in the hands of our customers. She is one of the original gang that endured working out of Mike and Summer's home before moving to our current location. Ricki has a big heart for serving, and being outside.


While her official title is Frontline Correspondent, we call her our Swiss Army Knife. You have most likely talked with her if you've emailed or live-chatted us, but she also works on much of our photography and marketing efforts. She is a master of puns, a terrific dancer and singer, and loves serving at her church.


Esmi came onboard Team Rustic as Summer's part-time sidekick to help with payroll, but has become an indispensable part of our team, now handling most of our finances and ordering. She has a super power in helping us save money. She's a dedicated mother, a hard worker, and enjoys restoration projects and design in her spare time.


Always eager to jump in on any task to support the team, Sherri primarily supports Ricki with shipping and keeping track of our in-stock rings. She's a great encourager to everyone in the shop and an awesome basketball coach for her women's basketball team. Go Stallions!

Meet our Marketing Team


Nathan was hired to fill in a big piece of the Rustic and Main puzzle as our videographer and photographer. He works to ensure our media content is consistent with the storytelling aspect of our brand. Nathan has been a visual and performing artist since his teens, and brings those skills to our super creative and talented team!


Currently working to coordinate our social media and marketing efforts, Chelsie is our "behind the scenes" star. While no week looks the same, somehow she still keeps us on track and juggles all of the creative projects that get thrown at her. When she’s not wrestling us into order, she's running after her young son, Teddy. (And sometimes doing both simultaneously!)

Pippin the Shop Pup

Meet Pippin

Lord of the Rings fans will be familiar with her name! If you stop by the shop, there's a good chance you'll meet Pippin. She's basically Summer's dog, but loves everyone -- especially if you have a treat.