Scottish Tartans We Carry

Here's a look at some of the tartan patterns we carry for our rings, here at Rustic and Main. If you are looking for a pattern you don't see, reach out and let us know.

Keep in mind that the patterns here show the full ribbon. Often, we have to cut the ribbon to fit into the ring. So, all of the pattern will not be visible. The fabric also darkens quite a bit when inlaid into a ring.

Blackwatch Tartan

Blackwatch tartan ribbon

Cameron Tartan

Cameron Tartan Ribbon

Campbell of Argyll Modern Tartan

Campbell of Argyll Modern Ribbon

Douglas Ancient Tartan

Douglas Ancient Ribbon

Flower of Scotland Tartan

Flower of Scotland Ribbon

Fraser Modern Tartan

Fraser Modern Ribbon

Gordon Clan Modern Tartan

Gordon Clan Modern Ribbon

Irish National Tartan

Irish National Ribbon

MacDonald Clan Tartan

MacDonald Clan Ribbon

MacGregor Modern Tartan

MacGregor Modern Ribbon

Scottish National Tartan

Scottish National Ribbon