Sizing your ring finger properly is very important, and we recommend using our ring sizers to determine your fit.

Comfort Fit

We bevel the inside of our rings to make them easier to slide on and off. This is referred to as a comfort fit style and can affect the way a ring finger is sized.

comfort fit ring example

Because the inside edge is beveled, the true measurement of the ring is on the center line, rather than the outside edges. In reality, your ring size doesn't change, but if you were measured with a standard ring, you may find the comfort fit bands slide on and off more easily.

Using our Ring Sizer

plastic ring sizer

Click to watch our video on how to use our Ring Sizers

Our small plastic ring sizers can be mailed to you and used to measure your ring finger. They are very easy to use and there is no need to send it back. Simply wrap the sizer around your finger, ensure that it is loose enough to fit over your knuckle, but not too loose to be shaken off. This ring sizer has half-size increments, but we can easily accommodate a quarter size. There's no need to adjust for comfort-fit using our ring sizer.

It's a good idea to test your ring finger size throughout the day as well and select the average.

When placing your order you can request a ring sizer to be sent to you. Instead of selecting your ring size, simply select the option "Please send me a ring sizer and hold my order."

Select a ring sizer option rustic and main

Band Width

It's a good idea to get a feel for your preferred ring width. Our bands are made in 9mm, 8mm, 7mm, and 5.5mm. Some people have longer fingers and may prefer a wider band, while others will have a preference for a thinner band based solely on appearance.

Here's a good way to determine what the width of a band will look like:

Rustic and Main Ring Sizing Widths

Resizing a Rustic and Main Ring

Our wooden rings can typically be resized up to a half size smaller, and generally a quarter size larger. We will need to see the ring in order to make a determination on how much of a resizing can be done, particularly when trying to make the ring larger.

A ring resizing can be ordered here:

If you need a size adjustment greater than a half size, we have an exchange option available. We will create a new ring for you, provided that you return the original ring in the condition in which it was received.

You can find our exchange option here: 

Other questions on sizing?

If you have any other questions on sizing your ring or ordering a resize, please contact us.