The Advantages of Wooden Rings

How often has someone asked you about your traditional wedding ring? I am going to bet almost never. While we take our time carefully selecting our wedding rings or other rings we wear, they typically go unnoticed because they have the same metallic look as just about every other rings out there. A handcrafted wood ring is not only aesthetically unique, wooden rings have a number of advantages over traditional metal rings. Though we love metal rings as well, wood rings have a special place in our hearts.

Wood Rings are Lighter

I started crafting rings from wood when I began to get carpal tunnel-like symptoms in my left hand. My white gold ring, which I had worn for years, started to feel heavy and cold and I eventually stopped wearing it. When I created my first wood ring, I was amazed at how light it was. It felt like I was not wearing a ring at all.

Wood Rings are Warmer

Metal not only conducts heat, but it steals it as well. Think about a radiator which "radiates" heat outward. Metal rings do the same thing. The issue here isn't that your body is losing heat, but that when you wear a wooden ring instead of a metal one, you realize how different it feels. Wood has a natural warmth, and since it is non-conductive, it feels like it is not even there.

Wood Rings Were Once Living

Unlike metal, wooden rings come from a once living tree, which contributed to the air we breath, food for forest creatures, and likely spawned a number of offspring in its day. Trees experience the passage of time and of seasons, much like ourselves, and remind us of a connection with this home of ours.

Wood Rings Have a History

The story of many of our wooden rings doesn't stop when they are felled in the forest. The trees were cut, many of them over a hundred years ago, and used as a home for a family, a shelter for livestock, the deck of a battleship, or to season whiskey. History is important to us and wood often has a rich history that connects us to each other.

Wood Rings Have Character

Each wood ring is as unique as each season in life. The slight differences in colorations and grain add up to a one-of-a-kind ring that is unique to you. Your wood ring will get certainly attention, and if taken care of, will be a true heirloom to hand down to the ones you love.

If you have any questions about our wooden rings, check out our FAQ Page or reach out and ask us. We love to talk about the story behind the woods we use and our unique process of shaving the wood and crafting the perfect ring.

Mike Yarbrough
Founder, Rustic and Main