Custom Gold, Silver or Titanium Band - 2-Inlay Offset


Custom Ring FAQs

The best way to determine your ring size is to use one of our ring sizers.

1.) You can either choose to purchase a standalone ring sizer before ordering a ring


2.) We will send a FREE ring sizer with any made-to-order ring purchase when you select "I HAVE NOT USED A RUSTIC & MAIN SIZER" beneath the "Ring Size Option"

We will send your ring sizer kit out soon after your order has been placed along with directions on how to determine the best ring size. We'll send you an email letting you know how to update your ring size for any made-to-order ring purchase when using our FREE ring sizing kit option.

We have used a variety of unique customer provided materials in the rings we craft. Here are some unique options for custom materials to send in for your custom ring:

  • Gemstones (ex. turquoise, opal, pearl, malachite, moonstone, diopside, peridot, rulite, amethyst, lapiz lazuli, pyrite, tanzanite, calcite, obsidian, moss agate, amber, etc.) *NOTE: if you're interested in sending in gemstone(s), please check with our customer service team beforehand. We can currently only work with select gemstone varieties based on mohs hardness and the metal base used to craft the ring*
  • Sand/Soil
  • Seashells (ex. abalone, oyster shells, scallops, etc.)
  • Fabrics (wedding dress, lace, patches, tartan, uniforms, etc.)
  • Butterfly Wings
  • Feathers
  • Flowers (ex. wedding bouquets, dried floral arrangements)
  • Wood (ex. petrified wood, wooden pipe, whiskey barrel, wine barrel, baseball bats, drumsticks etc.)
  • Paper Goods (ex. maps, book pages, letters, artwork, etc.)
  • Other Unique Materials (ex. metal shavings, leather, cork, puzzle pieces, guitar strings, coffee, etc.)

The best way to ensure the materials you want included in a ring can be used as well as the size of an item needing to be sent is to reach out to our customer service team via Live Chat, email ( or by phone (919-980-4527) during regular business hours.

You can also book a free virtual consultation online so one of our experts can walk you through each step of the process.

You can also check out some of the custom materials used in past designs on our Ring Inspo Gallery.

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