Leather Ring - No Stamp

Note: Order the nearest size down. e.g., 9.75 order a size 9.

Note, sizes 9-11 will begin shipping December 5th. Other sizes should ship before December 10th and arrive before Christmas Eve.

Our Leather Ring

Leather has been everywhere and done everything. It's classy, dependable, rugged or refined. There's nothing that feels quite like it and we wanted to have a ring crafted from it that was like nothing else you've ever seen or worn.

Made for Rough Work

Since our wood rings are typically crafted from historic woods and other rare materials, we wanted to offer our customers a ring that had meaning and style and could be worn without worry. Whether you're turning a wrench, hitting the gym, or surfing this ring is going to hold up.

Our Custom Bowtie Bracket

As simple as the design may appear, we've been working on our leather ring concept for about 2 years. Stylish and practical, our bowtie bracket allows us to add a pop of color to the rings and also provides a permanent joint for the leather. 

Our brackets are all antiqued to give them a touch of character. Select from copper or brass. More options coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

These look awesome, but how well do they hold up?

  • Really, really well! When they get scratched they self-heal because of the oils in your skin and the oils in the leather.

Do they patina over time?

  • You bet! Like all good leather, as the ring is exposed to oils and water it will darken.

What does it feel like when wearing it?

  • The rings are a good balance between flexible and sturdy. Unlike a silicone ring, they don't feel like a rubberband on your finger. They conform to your finger very well and feel very natural to wear.

Does the metal bowtie bracket feel scratchy?

  • Nope. You shouldn't be able to feel it on your finger when wearing the ring. We've worked hard on the design to make sure it doesn't interfere with anything you're doing.

 Do the rings require any special care?

  • Not really. If you'd like, you can always reseal them with a leather balm (we recommend Smith's). But, because they have contact with the oils in your hand, they stay very supple. 

Are the leather rings designed to break?

  • No. This is a big distinction between our leather rings and the silicone rings out there. Leather is prized for its ability to endure just about anything. So, breaking isn't something leather does well. If you're worried about safety, we actually recommend you play it safe and don't wear any ring.