The Frontiersman | Men's Whiskey Barrel & Elk Antler Wedding Band with Dual Metal Inlays

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Available widths: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, & 8mm
If this ring is for a wedding, please ensure your date includes adequate time for shipping as well as resizing if needed.
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Shipping Time

This ring will be made to order just for you! We will ship this ring within 6 weeks of your order being placed.

We love the distinct contrast between the rich black of the weathered whiskey barrel wood and the naturally shed elk antler ring inlay in The Frontiersman! With multiple iconic whiskey brands available, you can select your favorite along with the dual metal inlays to make this whiskey barrel and antler ring truly yours.

Whiskey Barrel and Antler Ring Features:

  • Weathered whiskey barrel ring (your choice)
  • Naturally shed center elk antler ring inlay
  • Dual metal inlays (your choice)
  • Available Widths: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm
  • Free ring sizer available*
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Handcrafted to order in Huntersville, NC

Weathered Whiskey Barrel Wood Ring

Ancient as it may be, there is an undeniable refinement about whiskey and its production. Whiskey barrels come from hand-selected oak trees, usually from the white oak family, and are the primary means by which the flavor of the final spirit is achieved. The charred inside of a whiskey barrel acts to remove Sulphur while the wood sugars are caramelized and leech into the whiskey. Our weathered whiskey barrel wooden rings are an ode to those smoky barrels which cure your favorite whiskey to maturity. We have several of the most well-known Tennessee whiskey barrel woods in stock, but if you have a favorite that isn’t listed here and have access to some barrel wood, we can probably make something custom! 

Weathering the whiskey barrel wood is done via an old process, whereby the wood is dipped in water mixed with ferrous sulfate, the same stuff often used as a mineral supplement. You can read more about that process here. The mixture reacts to the tannins in the wood, turning them silver, gray, or dark gray, creating a permanent color change in the wood that is unique to each piece.


North American Bull Elk Antler Ring Inlay

The elk antler for our rings is sourced from the natural sheds of North American Bull Elk, making it 100% cruelty-free. While we are fans of hunting, we like the thought of these rings being connected with a grand creature still roaming our beautiful country.

Just like wood in the ring, each antler has unique characteristics that make every ring one of a kind. Some of our elk antler inlays will have a bit more color to them, while others are quite white. We try our best to find a good balance when crafting each ring by hand.

Can you use antler you send in?

Every antler we use in our rings goes through strict quality control selection to make our elk antler rings as strong as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to use antlers from our customers to help ensure the strength and durability of your ring.

Dual Metal Ring Inlays

We're all about simplicity in design. To us, that's elegance. We added two metal inlays to this wooden whiskey barrel ring to take it a notch higher, and to give it some refinement and class. The balance of rusticity and Main street appeal make this a great ring for formal or flannel.



We will ship you a Free Ring Sizing Kit 1-2 days after you place an order when you select "I HAVE NOT used a Rustic & Main Sizer"

Hand Size:

  • Small - sizing kit includes ring sizes 4-6.5 + plus a medium sizer
  • Medium - (most common) sizing kit includes ring sizes 7-12.5 only
  • Large - sizing kit includes ring sizes 13-16 plus a medium sizer

Note: Ring size smaller than what is listed in our kits or unsure of your ring size? Reach out to us via email, phone or live chat so we can assist you further.

Your custom sizer(s) will arrive with instructions on how to use the sizer and how to update your ring size and width for your order when you’ve determined the best fit.

We will not start making your ring until your ring size and width has been added to your order.

Want to change this design or don’t see what you want? We can customize most existing designs or custom make a ring from scratch. Please contact us with questions.