The Jurassic in Gold | Men's Gold Wedding Band with Dinosaur Bone, Meteorite & Fossilized Amber

10K & 14K White, Yellow & Rose Gold

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If this ring is for a wedding, please ensure your date includes adequate time for shipping as well as resizing if needed.

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This ring will be made to order just for you! We will ship this ring within 5 weeks of your order being placed.

This gold wedding band was inspired by one of our all-time favorite dinosaur movies! We've included rare and authentic dinosaur bone, one of the oldest meteorites known to man, and fossilized amber to tell a story of truly Jurassic proportions.

The distinctive natural colors of this ring look amazing in any of our available 10K or 14K rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold band options.

The Jurassic in Gold Ring Features:

  • Durable, 100% recycled solid gold ring base
  • Authentic fossilized dinosaur bone ring inlay
  • Muonionalusta meteorite ring inlay
  • Fossilized amber ring inlay
  • Fit: Comfort Fit
  • Finish: Polished
  • Available Widths: 7mm, 8mm
  • Made to order just for you
  • Handcrafted to order in Huntersville, NC
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • ​​All Rustic & Main rings are handmade. Each piece is unique and variations are considered part of the beauty of the design.
  • Available in: 10K & 14K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold & White Gold
  • The Jurassic ring is also also available in titanium
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The Story Behind the Ring

Authentic Agatized Dinosaur Bone Ring Inlay

This wedding band is crafted from agatized dinosaur bone, a one-of-a-kind fossil material with a distinctive red color. The bone transforms into this remarkable form as minerals in the soil take the place of its cells, resulting in a material that retains the appearance of the capillary systems from these prehistoric creatures.

Muonionalusta Meteorite Ring Inlay

The Muonionalusta meteorite, believed to be the oldest known meteorite, struck northern Scandinavia over a million years ago. Discovered in Sweden in 1906, there are only 40 known pieces of this meteorite in existence. When ground, it creates a black dust with shimmering silver iron flecks. To enhance the beauty of our meteorite ring inlays, we add silver flecks to create a stunning design reminiscent of the night sky and the extraterrestrial origin of the meteorite.

Fossilized Amber Ring Inlay

Amber is a fossilized tree sap that takes on a warm honey-color over time. Made famous by the book and movie "Jurassic Park," we've included an eye-catching amber inlay in this design as a nod to the movie's iconic status.

Why Buy a 100% Recycled Gold Wedding Band?

Our 100% recycled gold wedding bands offer a sustainable and responsible alternative to traditional gold, without sacrificing its quality and value. By using recycled gold, you can symbolize your love and commitment to each other and to the planet, leaving a positive impact for future generations.

Available in White Gold for its cool tones, Rose Gold for its rosy hue, or Yellow Gold for its classic look, this one-of-a-kind gold ring will certainly stand out compared to typical jewelry store designs.

We source our gold blanks from Stuller, a brand founded in 1970 that shares our Earth First commitment and believes in conducting business with social responsibility in mind. Stuller is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, ensuring that all parties involved in the jewelry supply chain are treated with human rights and dignity.