The Maverick

Titanium. Louisiana Bogwood & Vintage Air Force Flight Suit

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A ring for the "boundless souls dreaming of skies to conquer" as the US Airforce anthem says. Our Maverick ring is a tribute to those who take to the skies to keep us safe on the ground.

The Maverick Ring Features:

  • Lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic titanium ring
  • Vintage US Airforce Flight Suit ring inlay
  • Louisiana Bogwood ring inlay
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The Story Behind the Ring

Louisiana Bogwood Ring Inlay

Bogwood are fallen trees that have been preserved for ages beneath swaps or peat bogs. As they lie there, they absorb the minerals of the bog ultimately becoming petrified wood. However, these old woods are still prized for their incredible strength and durability and are being brought back to the surface to be used for projects not suitable for younger trees.

Air Force Flight Suit Ring Inlay

We use vintage US Air Force flight suit fabric in this ring as a center inlay. While the fabric begins as the well-known olive drab color, it darkens to a deep green when in the ring.

Titanium Wedding Band

Titanium! The awesomest alloy! The incredible metal! We love titanium because it's light weight yet very durable. It has a warm feel compared to other metals and can take on a number of different shades depending on the finish.

We crafted our titanium bands as an ode to the old Airstream trailers and the silver airplanes from the 1930s and 40s. Your ring is guaranteed to have a classy look that spans generations!