Fun Wedding Reception Games: Lawn Games, Board Games and Everything in


Fun Wedding Reception Games: Lawn Games, Board Games and Everything in Between

November 15 2020 – Mike Yarbrough

wedding lawn games for guests giant jenga
wedding lawn games for guests giant jenga

Want your wedding day to be a fun and festive affair? Want to entertain your wedding guests with an activity other than returning to the open bar for an ill-advised extra cocktail? We have some ideas for you! Adding a few games to your wedding reception can make your day even more memorable. After all, your wedding is a celebration. Enjoy it!

A Quick Word of Advice

Your choices for fun wedding reception games don't end with our list. You can choose any game you like, or even invent your own. In any case, we do have a few words of advice for choosing games for your reception: 

  • Don't play anything too physical. Y'all are wearing nice suits and fancy dresses. Nobody should be playing football. Even if it sounds fun.

  • Don't force people to play. Games aren't for everyone! Some people will be eager to play the game, and some will prefer to sit it out. That's okay! Allow participation to be voluntary.

  • Have options for all ages. Kids and grown-ups all like to play. Choose games that are equally suitable for both, or offer separate options for kids and adults.

Lawn Games

If you're having an outdoor wedding reception—or an indoor reception in a venue with access to an outdoor space—your guests will love being able to fully enjoy the great outdoors. These lawn games are just the ticket:

  • Ring Toss. A beloved lawn game that fits right in with the wedding theme, ring toss gives your guests a fun activity that will remind them of the more important ring exchange that they just witnessed. This game is probably best known as a carnival classic but, for the record, we do not recommend handing out goldfish as prizes.

  • Giant Checkers. This game is easy and fun for guests of all ages. You can invest in a giant checkerboard or, better yet, use a giant checker blanket that can double as a picnic blanket. Giant chess is also an option, though some of the guests might not know how to play.

  • Cornhole. This tailgating favorite can easily be tailored to your wedding with custom boards to represent the occasion. Some choose to break up teams into "bride's side" and "groom's side."

  • Badminton. This is an outdoor party classic. String some lights across the net to let your guests keep playing well into the night. 

Table Games and Activities

Whether you’re having a traditional indoor wedding or a modern, rustic outdoor wedding, these fun wedding reception games and activities will work on any tabletop. They're great for all ages, and will give all your guests some fun ways to enjoy your wedding celebration.

  • Jenga. Jenga can get a little loud, but everyone loves it nonetheless. Offer it up in its classic tabletop form, or go big with Giant Jenga.

  • Wedding Advice Cards. Put a card at each table setting and ask your guests to fill it out with advice for the bride and groom. At some point in the reception you can read some aloud, or save them for later.

wedding reception games for bride and groom reading cards

  • Board Game Station. Set up a table with different board games that your guests can choose to play at their own tables. The more options the better!

  • Couples' Puzzles. Create your own bride-and-groom themed word search puzzles, crosswords, Mad Libs or other paper games. Leave pencils at each table so guests can play at their leisure. 

Interactive Games

You don't have to make everyone play, but it's always nice to encourage as many people as possible to be actively involved. These are all great interactive games that work very well if you have a group of people who are eager to play:

  • The Shoe Game. This is a longtime favorite wedding game, and there are a few variations. Typically, the bride and groom sit back-to-back, each holding one of their own shoes, and one of their partner's. An emcee asks them both questions, and they each hold up the shoe of the person they think best suited to answer. The key is to ask questions that will get a fun reaction (get everyone involved by asking them to submit their own questions).

  • Interactive Photo Booth. Setting up a photo booth is easier than it sounds. Everybody has fun posing, and they also get to walk away with a souvenir to remember your big day.

  • Bride and Groom Trivia. Your wedding can quickly become trivia night. Turn each table into a team, and have an emcee ask questions related to the bride and groom.

  • Wedding Scavenger Hunt. Provide a list of objects and let the games begin! Getting your guests involved in a wedding scavenger hunt is a great way to have fun. You can have as many teams as you want, or break it down into bride's team and groom's team. 

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