How to Choose a Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring

April 08 2021 – Mike Yarbrough

Matching wedding and engagement rings

Matching wedding and engagement rings

Some brides never wear their engagement rings once their wedding day is over. To each their own, but doesn't it seem like an awful waste to never let such a beautiful ring see the light of day once the engagement is over?

If you decide to take the route of wearing both your wedding band and engagement ring from your wedding day onward, it's a good idea to make sure those rings match.

How to Wear Multiple Rings

If you decide to wear your wedding band and your engagement ring together, there are a few different ways to go about it. The traditional arrangement is to wear both rings on the third finger of the left hand, with the wedding band on the inside. The significance of this arrangement is that the wedding band is closest to your heart. 

Some brides might choose to wear the wedding band on the outside, either because it looks better or because it feels more comfortable. You may also choose to wear the tighter-fitting ring on the outside to hold the looser-fitting ring in place.

There are a wide range of other configurations. Perhaps you prefer to wear the wedding band on the left hand and the engagement ring on the right. Perhaps you want to wear each ring on different fingers of the same hand. Go what feels the most comfortable, matches your personal style, and holds the most significance for you.

How to Match Your Rings

How to actually match the engagement rings and wedding rings is a question many couples often wonder about. Though the idea of "matching" rings is entirely subjective, here are a few unique ways of pairing your engagement rings and wedding bands together:

Buy a Bridal Set

There's no safer way to make sure your wedding band and engagement ring match than buying the rings together. A bridal set includes both rings, specifically designed to be worn together. It's one of the easiest options, and the only significant drawback is that you don't have as much creative control to personalize the pairing. 

Matching Metals

"Matching" doesn't have to mean "the same!" Many brides choose a wedding band that's made from the same metal as their engagement ring, which is a sure-fire way to make sure they go together. But there are other, more creative ways to match metals and other materials. 

For example, having one ring made of yellow gold and another of white gold is a common pairing. Mixing different metals can create a look that's all your own. You might also choose a wedding band made of a non-traditional material like wood, but design it with a metal inlay that matches your engagement ring.

R&M wedding ring to match engagement ring

Bold and Basic

Sometimes, opposing styles can match rather than clash. This is especially true if you have a big, bold engagement ring. Oftentimes, the best match for a striking engagement ring is a simple, timeless wedding band that doesn't call too much attention to itself.

If you have an engagement wing with a large center stone, or an infinity band with lots of stones, consider matching it with a basic gold or platinum band. It's a tasteful pairing of rings that complement each other rather than overwhelming the eye with too much sparkle and flash. 

Complementary Shapes

Rings come in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses, so be sure to consider the way your rings will fit together on your hand. For example, a straight engagement ring and a straight wedding band go together beautifully. But if your engagement ring has a large setting that creates a curve, you can get a wedding band with a slight curve or bend that allows it to fit snugly around the engagement ring

As far as matching thickness, there are two ways you can go. Traditionally, a narrow engagement ring should be matched to a narrow wedding band, but it's just as acceptable to pair a thick engagement ring with a narrower band that won't steal the limelight. Or, consider matching a narrower engagement ring with a thicker, bolder band. 

Design Your Custom Ring

Wedding bands come in countless styles and they can be made of practically any material. Precious metals, antique wood, authentic elk antler, crushed rose petals—non-traditional wedding ring materials offer unique possibilities for matching your rings, and can also make your ring more meaningful on a personal level. To make sure you're picking the perfect ring style for you, take our short ring style quiz.

At Rustic & Main, we're dedicated to handcrafting one-of-a-kind wedding rings that represent the love shared by you and your spouse. Take a look at our ring customizer tool to start designing your custom wedding band. Our live chat team is always available to answer your questions.

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