Is Having Multiple Wedding Rings a Good Idea or a Recipe for Trouble?


Is Having Multiple Wedding Rings a Good Idea or a Recipe for Trouble?

April 05 2021 – Mike Yarbrough

Woman wearing multiple wedding rings
Woman wearing multiple wedding rings

We tend to think of a wedding band as a singular, cherished item that can never be duplicated or replaced. But having multiple wedding rings has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. While it may run counter to tradition, there are also some significant advantages to having multiple wedding rings. Here are some reasons why couples break tradition and choose to have multiple rings.

Go for the 'Stacked' Look

Wanting a little more symmetry from their jewelry, many brides are opting to stack their rings with the engagement ring sandwiched between two wedding bands. By stacking bands, you don’t have to choose a single color of gold. You can also have a diamond in the middle and use colored gems in the different bands around your engagement ring. There are several ways you can create a totally unique combination that truly represents your taste. 

Different Rings for Different Occasions

Even if you only plan on wearing one ring at a time, it's still not a bad idea to get two or more matching rings. Here are a few situations in which you might want to switch the ring you wear:

Casual and Formal

One option is to get a more "dressy" ring for formal occasions like parties and going out to dinner, and another, more low-key ring for everyday wear. Wearing a less-precious ring on all but the most special occasions can keep your more valuable ring safe from loss or theft. 

A Ring for Action

If you're an active, outdoorsy type, or if you have a job that involves working with your hands, it's not a bad idea to have a separate ring made for those times. You might, for example, wear a gold wedding band most days but have an extra band made out of tougher tungsten that you can wear on the job. You could also get a more pliable ring made of materials like leather or silicone for rough-and-tumble activities like weight lifting or rock climbing.

Different Looks

At the end of the day, some people just like to have different rings that match different clothing styles, colors or even seasons. Maybe you want one ring to wear with dresses and one to wear with shirts, or a gold ring to wear during summer and fall, and a silver ring to wear during winter and spring.

Upgrade to Mark a Milestone

It's quite common for couples to update or upgrade their wedding bands when they reach a significant anniversary or other relationship milestone. You could have a ring re-dipped in a different hued metal, have stones added or replaced, or decide to start from scratch and get two brand new rings.

ring anniversary gift

This is also a great option if you weren't able to afford the wedding bands you really wanted at the time you got married, but are now in a more stable financial position. Some couples get new rings to accompany a renewal of wedding vows as well. 

A Backup Plan

Not to suggest that you would ever lose your wedding ring, but these things do happen. Some couples get duplicates of their wedding bands and tuck them away somewhere, just in case their rings are lost, stolen or irreversibly damaged some time down the line. You may never need your extra ring, but you'll be glad to have it if you do.

Are There Disadvantages to Having Multiple Wedding Rings?

Couples sometimes wonder if there are any downsides to owning multiple wedding rings. One of the most common objections is that having more than one ring could make your ring feel less special. We all have our own ways of experiencing our relationships with meaningful tokens and objects like wedding rings. That's why we recommend talking it over with your spouse-to-be to decide whether multiple rings are right for your relationship.

Another disadvantage to consider is that having multiple rings also means having more jewelry to keep track of. If you’re prone to losing or misplacing important items, it might be best to keep things simple with a single ring.

Whether you’re fine with a single wedding band or you want a couple of rings to stack on your finger, at Rustic & Main, we're committed to working with you to craft one-of-a-kind (or maybe two-of-a-kind) custom wedding rings that tell your story and match your style. Take our ring style quiz for some inspiration and then check out our ring customizer to start designing your own unique wedding bands!