23 Custom Gold Rings Ideas You’ll Love

October 26 2023 – Summer Yarbrough

23 Custom Gold Rings Ideas You’ll Love
23 Custom Gold Rings Ideas You’ll Love

The search for the perfect wedding can start off fun and exciting as you figure out the styles you prefer, but it can become discouraging if you aren't finding what you're looking for.
Rustic & Main's solution is to design a custom, handcrafted wedding ring that celebrates your style and personality with unique materials that tell a story.
Get inspired with these custom-made gold ring designs. Each design features SCS-certified 100% recycled gold bases, available in 10k, 14k, 18k, rose, white, and yellow gold.

Custom Gold Rings for Men

Get inspired with these men's custom gold wedding ring ideas! If you like the look of a specific design, you can click on the image or the link in its description to start creating a similar ring.
Our team of skillful, passionate artisans in North Carolina handcrafts each of our rings, so every band is unique.


Custom Gold Band with Meteorite, Amethyst, and Green Imperial Diopside

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This custom 10k gold ring features a center inlay of meteorite dust framed by outer inlays of amethyst and imperial diopside accented with hand-placed gold flakes. Our craftsman, Phoebe, did a beautiful job of bringing this unique design to life. The contrasting gemstone, divided by the thin channel of meteorite dust, creates a stunning effect and makes this design truly one-of-a-kind.


Custom 18k Gold Ring with Pearl, Moonstone, and Amethyst

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This unique creation was handcrafted by our talented craftsman, Zack. The even inlays feature a dazzling arrangement of moonstone, amethyst, mother of pearl, and gold flakes encased in a timeless 18k yellow gold band.


Coastal-Inspired Custom Gold Ring

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This coastal-inspired 14k yellow gold band was the handiwork of our skillful artisan, Kassie. It features outer inlays of Hawaiian koa wood and customer-provided shell and sand, with a wide, center inlay of natural aquamarine turquoise and gold flakes delicately interwoven throughout.


Custom Western Gold Band Featuring Whiskey Barrel and Turquoise

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This custom 10k yellow band with southwest inspiration features a wide inlay of weathered whiskey barrel wood and a stunning offset inlay of turquoise and gold flakes. This incredible design was handcrafted by our craftsman, Zack.


Nature-Inspired Custom Gold Ring

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Need some ideas for a woodland wedding ring for men? Our artisan, Phoebe, handcrafted this 10k yellow gold band that is the perfect ring inspiration for your favorite nature lover. This design takes you back to a time when the land was untouched and untamed, with outer inlays of naturally shed elk antler and antique walnut wood while the center inlay of imperial diopside is reminiscent of vibrant green foliage in early summer.


Custom White Gold Band with Walnut and Tapered Gold Inlay

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This custom 10k white gold wedding ring features a wide channel of antique walnut wood with a unique 14k white gold tapered inlay.

Our craftsman, Zack, took on this unique custom order and did an incredible job bringing it to life. While this isn't one of our typical designs, we were thrilled this customer reached out to us to see if we could do it.

If you're interested in creating a custom design but don't see what you're looking for in our ring customizer tool, contact us at to see if we can bring your vision to life.


Custom Gold Band Featuring Unique Customer-Provided Materials

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One of the things we love doing here at Rustic & Main is creating rings that tell a unique story with customer-provided materials. This custom 14k yellow gold ring design that our skillful artisan Zack made, features three memorable materials the customer sent in, coffee grounds, cork, and puzzle pieces. Each item feels like it holds a cherished memory, and we are so grateful we had the opportunity to create such a meaningful ring for someone.


Custom Gold and Purple Ring

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R&M's skillful craftsman, Phoebe, made this white gold and purple showstopper. This 10k white gold band features outer inlays of purpleheart wood and a center inlay of sea lavender. While we love to create classic designs, we always appreciate when a customer is looking for a one-of-kind wedding band that showcases their unique style and personality, like this stunning custom ring.


Custom Gold Band with Dinosaur Bone and Whiskey Barrel

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Our talented artisan, Ian, handcrafted this custom 10k white gold ring that embodies refinement. It features a wide inlay of authentic dinosaur bone with an offset inlay of weathered whiskey barrel wood. These two unique materials work in perfect harmony in this custom design.


Custom Gold Ring with Rifle Stock Wood and Green Imperial Diopside

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Our craftsman, Phoebe, did a fantastic job bringing this elegant 10k white gold ring design to life. The dual outer inlays of authentic, WWII-era M1 Garand rifle stock wood steeps this design in American history. The center inlay of imperial diopside gives the design a subtle pop of color.


Custom Rose Gold Ring Featuring Authentic Rifle Stock Wood

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This rose gold ring design features authentic rifle stock woods from two historically significant rifles: The Springfield 1903 and the M1 Garand. The Springfield 1903 was known as America's rifle of choice for WWI and The M1 Garand for WWII.

We want this material imbued with history, so we source WWII-era Springfield 1903 and M1 Garand rifle stocks.


Custom Gold Ring with Lapis Lazuli and Historic Battleship Teak

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This custom 14k white gold band features lapis lazuli and one material Rustic & Main is well known for, historic battleship teak from the USS North Carolina. It's so meaningful to our team to see fellow history buffs resonate with our battleship teak ring designs, and it feels even more special to see customers designing their one-of-a-kind custom ring with this unique wood. We also have teak from the USS New Jersey and The USS California.


Custom Gold Band with Elk Antler and Rifle Stock Wood

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This custom 10k yellow gold band is the embodiment of rustic refinement. This rustic gold ring features a wide inlay of naturally shed elk antler and an offset inlay of authentic WWII-era M1 Garand rifle stock wood. We love crafting unique rings like this that balance rustic elements with contemporary design to create a striking custom ring that tells a story.


Custom Meteorite and White Gold Ring with Rosewood

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This custom celestial gold design, crafted by our artisan, Phoebe, embodies bold refinement with a touch of mystery. Dual inlays of meteorite dust add wonder and dark mystique to the design, while the center inlay of rosewood adds a touch of rich elegance.


Custom Gold Ring with Guitar String, Elk Antler, and Driftwood

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This custom 14k white gold ring is the work of our artisan, Beasley. The customer sent in two materials for their custom band, driftwood and guitar string, and selected naturally shed elk antler from our in-house material selection. While we also offer bronze guitar string inlays, we love the opportunity to craft a ring with string our customers send in.


Custom Gold Ring with Army Fatigues and Rifle Stock Wood

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This custom 14k white gold band crafted by our artisan, Zack, features an even channel design with two materials that honor military history: Army fatigue fabric and rifle stock wood from an authentic WWII-era M1 Garand. As a Veteran-owned small business, we love to honor military folks with our craft. We have a collection of military rings, but it is always special when someone creates a custom military ring design like this.

Custom Gold Rings for Women

Looking for some ideas for a custom gold ring for an incredible woman in your life? Explore these stunning examples of gold rings for women that feature delicate designs, vibrant colors, and unique materials, from florals to sea shells.

The more dainty designs currently aren't available on our ring customizer tool, but if you click the image or the link in the ring description, we'll take you to a page where you can schedule a free ring consultation with one of our team members so they can help you order the custom ring you're looking for.


Custom Abalone Shell and Rose Gold Ring

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We're so glad to be a company that crafts rings with customer-provided materials because it introduces our team to new, unique materials, like abalone shell. Our craftsman, Phoebe, did a beautiful job of handcrafting this custom 10k rose gold band with abalone shells that the customer sent in. If you want to feature unique materials in a custom wedding ring, email us at


Matching Custom Floral Gold Wedding Band Set

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These matching 14k yellow gold wedding rings have a beautiful story behind them. The couple who ordered them sent in leaves and flowers they collected as gifts for each other when they fell in love, and we must say that we think these rings came out just as lovely as the beautiful story behind them. Kassie, our ring craftsman, did a phenomenal job with these custom floral gold wedding rings.


Custom Gold Band with Fossilized Amber and Green Imperial Diopside

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This vibrant orange and green custom gold ring was the work of our craftsman, Zack. This custom 10k yellow gold band features even inlays of orange fossilized amber and green imperial diopside with gold flakes. The contrasting colors, reminiscent of that time between seasons when summer is ebbing into fall, make this ring striking and eye-catching. The dainty, symmetrical design gives the ring an air of elegant delicacy.


Custom Turquoise and Gold Ring with Black Cherry

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This handcrafted striking turquoise and gold design was the work of our talented artisan, Kassie. This custom 14k yellow gold band features dual outer inlays of turquoise and a wide center inlay of black cherry wood, which adds a rustic touch to this vibrant design.


Ethereal Custom Gold Ring with Sentimental White Fabric

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Our craftsman, Beasley, handcrafted this exquisite 10k yellow gold band with custom-provided white fabric. We often get requests for custom rings featuring wedding dress fabric, which is a beautiful, sentimental idea.

However, not all fabrics are equal, and wedding dress fabric tends to be very delicate and light. Depending on the dress's material, the ring might not turn out like you envisioned. We recommend talking with our team before ordering a custom ring with wedding dress fabric so they can help you figure out which materials in the dress will work best for your custom band.


Custom White Gold Ring with Lapis Lazuli

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This custom 14k white gold and lapis lazuli ring epitomizes bold, simple elegance. This ring was ordered in a custom set with the battleship teak and lapis lazuli 14k white gold band mentioned earlier in this post. R&M artisan, Phoebe, did a beautiful job crafting this unique white gold ring set.


Custom Floral Gold Ring with Elk Antler & African Teak

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We adore getting to craft nature-inspired designs like this 10k yellow gold band. The combination of elk antler, African teak, and a center inlay of customer-provided flowers makes this design feel like a spring meadow teeming with life. This woodland wonder was the exquisite handiwork of our skillful craftsman, Beasley.

Design a Custom Gold Ring With R&M

Thank you for letting us show off our craftsmen's beautiful work! We hope these custom gold rings helped you realize the possibilities for your own wedding band. Your wedding ring should be something worth getting excited about, and our team would love to create the custom gold ring of your dreams.
You can explore more custom possibilities on our online ring customizer tool. If you want some ring design advice or have questions about the process, you can schedule a free in-person appointment or a virtual ring consultation with one of our team members. We'd love to hear from you soon!