Anniversary Wedding Band Ideas for Her

June 06 2024 – Summer Yarbrough

Anniversary Wedding Band Ideas for Her
Anniversary Wedding Band Ideas for Her

If your wedding anniversary is coming up and you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your marriage, an anniversary band can be a beautiful and meaningful gift to honor your enduring love and union.

What Is an Anniversary Ring?

An anniversary ring, also known as an anniversary band, is a special piece of jewelry exchanged between partners to commemorate a milestone in their marriage. Unlike the engagement ring or wedding band, the anniversary ring is often given as a gesture of continued love, commitment, and appreciation.

On Which Anniversary Should You Buy an Anniversary Band for Your Wife?

While there are traditional milestones associated with anniversary bands, such as the 10th anniversary for diamonds or the 25th for silver jubilee, there's truly no set rule. Any anniversary is a perfect opportunity to express your love with a meaningful piece of jewelry. Whether it's your first year of marriage or your golden jubilee, an anniversary band can serve as a beautiful reminder of your enduring bond.

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What Hand Should an Anniversary Band Be Worn On?

There's no strict guideline for which hand or finger to wear an anniversary band on. Some may choose to stack it with their engagement and wedding rings on their left hand, while others might opt to wear it on their right hand. It is popular to stack an anniversary band with existing rings, but ultimately, it's a personal choice. You can wear it on any finger or hand that feels comfortable and meaningful to you.

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How to Choose or Custom-Design an Anniversary Ring

At Rustic and Main, we understand the significance of anniversary bands as symbols of enduring love and commitment. That's why we offer a unique selection of anniversary bands, and we also provide the option to custom design a band using meaningful materials or the option to send in your very own materials for a ring.
Imagine incorporating wood from your first home, seashells collected on your honeymoon, lace from your wedding dress, or flowers from your wedding bouquet into a one-of-a-kind anniversary band. With our real-time ring customizer, you can bring your vision to life, creating a truly personalized piece that tells your unique love story. Check out our ring inspo gallery and see some of the unique custom wedding and anniversary bands couples have designed with us that feature meaningful materials they’ve used to celebrate their love.

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Traditional Gemstones, Metals, and Materials by Anniversary Year

If you’d like to customize your anniversary ring choice to fit the year of your celebrated union, here’s a full run-down of the associated gems and metals:

  • 1st anniversary: Gold
  • 2nd anniversary: Garnet
  • 3rd anniversary: Pearl
  • 4th anniversary: Blue Topaz
  • 5th anniversary: Sapphire
  • 6th anniversary: Amethyst
  • 7th anniversary: Onyx
  • 8th anniversary: Tourmaline
  • 9th anniversary: Lapis Lazuli
  • 10th anniversary: Diamond
  • 11th anniversary: Turquoise
  • 12th anniversary: Jade
  • 13th anniversary: Citrine
  • 14th anniversary: Opal
  • 15th anniversary: Ruby
  • 16th anniversary: Peridot
  • 20th anniversary: Emerald
  • 25th anniversary: Silver Jubilee
  • 30th anniversary: Pearl Jubilee
  • 35th anniversary: Emerald
  • 40th anniversary: Ruby
  • 45th anniversary: Sapphire
  • 50th anniversary: Golden Jubilee
  • 55th anniversary: Alexandrite
  • 60th anniversary: Diamond
  • 70th anniversary: Platinum Jubilee
  • 75th anniversary: Sapphire Jubilee
  • 80th anniversary: Ruby Jubilee

Here's a list of other traditional anniversary gifts couples can give each year to celebrate their commitment to one another. Learn more about traditional and modern anniversary gifts here.

  • 1st Anniversary: Paper
  • 2nd Anniversary: Cotton
  • 3rd Anniversary: Leather
  • 4th Anniversary: Flowers or Fruit
  • 5th Anniversary: Wood
  • 6th Anniversary: Iron or Candy
  • 7th Anniversary: Copper or Wool
  • 8th Anniversary: Bronze or Pottery
  • 9th Anniversary: Willow or Pottery
  • 10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum
  • 11th Anniversary: Steel
  • 12th Anniversary: Linen or Silk
  • 13th Anniversary: Lace - Design a custom ring with your own wedding dress fabric!
  • 14th Anniversary: Ivory - (Since gifting ivory isn’t ethical or legal in this day and age, couples can opt for gifts that are elephant-themed or ivory in color)
  • 15th Anniversary: Crystal
  • 16th Anniversary: Wax
  • 17th Anniversary: Furniture
  • 18th Anniversary: Porcelain
  • 19th Anniversary: Bronze
  • 20th Anniversary: China

By choosing or designing an anniversary ring that incorporates these traditional gemstones, metals, or materials, you can add even more significance to your celebration of love and commitment. Whether it's a milestone year or simply another year worth celebrating, finding the perfect anniversary band for her can be an incredibly meaningful gift opportunity. Create a timeless symbol of your enduring bond and shared journey through life to help celebrate all you’ve accomplished together.

Shop the collection of anniversary bands for her to find the ring that best celebrates your union.