Are Wooden Rings Durable?

May 28, 2020

Are Wooden Rings Durable?

Many people wonder about the strength of wooden wedding rings. Are wooden rings durable? How long will the ring last? Will you be able to pass it on to your children and grandchildren?

The answers to these questions depend on several different factors, but at the end of the day, a well made wooden ring can last a lifetime—or longer—if it's well cared for. Here's how you can make sure your wood wedding ring stands the test of time. 

It Starts with Quality Craftsmanship

Wooden rings are only as good as the work that goes into making them. The toughest and most durable wooden wedding rings are made using bentwood. This is the process we use at Rustic and Main. Making bentwood rings involves wrapping multiple thin layers of wood around each other, with the wood grain running in the same direction. The result is a wood wedding ring that is incredibly strong. 

The types of wood used to make the ring also play a role. We typically source woods that have been known to stand the test of time, such as old growth heartwoods and hardwoods. Rings can be finished using anything from beeswax to epoxy, but we use cyanoacrylate glue, commonly called CA glue. We use a medical grade CA which gives the rings a strong finish with a beautiful sheen.

Taking Care of Your Ring

Wooden rings don't require much active care. We generally recommend gentle cleaning with a soft, dry microfiber cloth to keep the ring looking shiny. Other than that, the most important thing you can do to keep your ring in good shape is to avoid exposing it to potential damage in the first place.

  • Water. Wooden rings finished with CA glue are water resistant. You don't have to take your ring off every time you wash your hands. However, it is generally not recommended to expose your ring to water more than you have to. Repeated long-term exposure to water will gradually wear down the finish. If, say, you go swimming every day as part of your workout, you should probably take your ring off.

  • Saltwater. Just about any material will be broken down by saltwater over time and wooden wedding rings are no different.

  • Impact. Bentwood rings are strong, but everything has its limits. The great thing about bentwood is that it flexes before it breaks, so you can probably squeeze one as hard as you can and never break it. You don't want to hit it with a hammer though. You should also take off your ring before you do any high-impact activity, like going rock climbing or taking apart your car engine. 

are wooden rings durable

  • Chemicals. A variety of chemicals, including chemicals found in some household cleaning products, can break down the finish on your ring. As a general rule, it's best to wear rubber gloves when working with these products anyway, but you should also take your ring off, just to be safe. 

Are Wooden Rings Durable?

Circling back to the original question—are wooden rings durable? The answer is yes, but taking good care of your ring is important. Keep your ring safe, take it off before you expose it to harsh conditions, and keep an eye out for scratches and dents. Just like metal rings, it is possible for wooden rings to become scratched.

If, after years of wear, your ring has become scratched, or you notice the finish has lost a bit of its luster, you can always send it back to us to be refinished. Most scratches are only surface-level, and our ring craftsmen are experienced in bringing older rings back to their original shine. Contact us today to learn more about caring for your wooden wedding ring.

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