Trends in Wedding Bands for Men: 2020 and Beyond

May 31, 2020

Trends in Wedding Bands for Men: 2020 and Beyond

As we find ourselves at the beginning of a new decade, there's a lot of talk about what the big fashion trends are going to be in the next 10 years. Will those oversized sneakers make a comeback? What’s up with the man buns? Are the big “nerd” glasses cool now? While these are all intriguing questions, we’re wondering about something different: what will wedding bands of the '20s look like?

People are now turning their attention to alternative ring materials and styles. This suggests a shift toward more individualized, meaningful wedding bands. Here are a few of the biggest trends in wedding bands for men to look out for, in 2020 and beyond.

Alternative Metals Are In

There was a time when pretty much all wedding bands were made of metal, and you had two choices: gold or silver. Those days are behind us and some of the most exciting new trends in wedding bands for men include nontraditional metals.

Platinum is a popular (if pricey) option, and cobalt is also a great choice for someone who wants the silvery, lustrous sheen of platinum without the hefty price tag. Titanium and tungsten carbide are also becoming increasingly popular because of their considerable strength and dark-colored finish.

Comfort Matters

Ring designers are working hard to make pinched skin a thing of the past, and it's about time.  Most modern men's wedding bands are produced with a beveled inner surface (instead of a flat surface) allowing them to slide on and off easier. Many men are finding that it’s tough to beat the comfortable fit of these “comfort fit” rings.

Wood You Believe It?

Rings made from materials other than metal are quickly growing in popularity, and wood seems to be the most attractive non-metal option. Wood is comfortable, warm, rugged, durable, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, beautiful to look at, and perhaps most importantly, personal. 

Wood wedding rings have the ability to become a part of the wearer's life in a way that few materials can. They reflect our inner connection with nature. They tell a story. And because no two pieces of wood are exactly alike, wooden rings are also some of the most unique wedding bands on the market.

wooden whiskey wedding ring trends in wedding bands

Designs and Patterns Are Expanding 

With new and expanding options for patterns and designs becoming available every day, there's no reason why men should feel restricted to a simple wedding band. Carvings and engravings are one of the fastest-growing trends in wedding bands for men, with some of the most popular options including Celtic knots and Nordic runes. Beveled edges, inlays, and combinations of different materials also provide more choices than ever before. 

celtic knot rings trends in wedding bands

Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend?

Putting a diamond on a men's wedding ring can be a bold choice, but there are a lot of bold men out there. Diamonds on men's rings tend to be more subtle than on women's rings, often with a small stone or series of stones set flush with the ring's surface for a completely smooth exterior. Many leading ring makers are getting creative with diamond shape and use of colored stones, such as black diamonds and champagne diamonds

men's diamond wedding rings trends in wedding bands

Gold Isn't Going Anywhere

Classic gold wedding bands may seem old-fashioned, but there are still a lot of modern men's rings that use gold in trendy ways. Rose gold, which has a reddish hue, is becoming more common and is great for romantic men who want a classic, elegant design. Gold accents or inlays on a wood ring are another example of how gold can be used in new, creative ways. 

Contact us today to learn more about the latest trends in wedding bands for men, and how you can get a ring that both looks stylish and has deep personal significance.

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